Van Pool FAQs

General Information

What is a van pool?
Is van pool for me?
Who drives?
What are the vanpool member's basic responsibilities?
Who can ride in a van?
What are some good vanpooling tips?
How do I end my van pool membership?
Is the van assigned to a parking lot?
I don't have a parking permit, so where can I park when I don't ride the van?
I need to leave early; can I ride a different van home?
What if I have an emergency while at work and need to get home; do you have an emergency ride home program?
There are 10 people on the wait list; can we start a new van?
It's snowing, can I leave early?

Drivers and Backup Drivers

What are the driver's basic responsibilities?
I'd like to be a driver; what training do I need to do?
What do you use for driving standards?
Why do maxi-van drivers have to take addtional training?
Do I need a CDL to drive the van?
My driver is not available to drive today, can I drive?
I have a meeting to go to; can I drive the van?
It would be more convenient to leave the van at the meeting point in town, is that ok?

Van Maintenance

My wiper blades/light bulbs need to be replaced, what should I do?
Where do I refuel the van?
The van is low on fuel and we won't make it back to campus, what should I do?
Where can I wash the van?
Where can I clean the van?
I had an accident with the van, what should I do?
The van has a flat tire in my home town. What do I do?
Do you have a roadside assistance program?
When will we get a new van?


How much does it cost?
Could my van rate change?