Carpool Program

Have a parking permit?  Want to share the driving?  Turn your parking permit into a carpool arrangement.

Current permit holders who want to share the driving with another University faculty/staff or student, can exchange their parking permit for a carpool arrangement.  The permit holder still retains rights to their permit and pays the permit fee, however, now the people they carpool with can take turns driving in the carpool.  The carpool still only allows one vehicle to park during the day but everyone can reduce the wear and tear on their vehicle by rotating who drives.  Plus, everyone will get FREE Night and Weekend privileges! 

If you would like to form a carpool, please contact Parking Services at (319) 335-1475 and let them know you want to exchange your parking permit for a carpool arrangement.  Don't know of anyone to carpool with?  Try our Carpool Matching Service below.



Carpool Matching Service

The University of Iowa Parking & Transportation Department offers a matching service which helps people locate others interested in carpooling.  The service is free and non-obligatory.  You make the actual arrangements.  If you already carpool, perhaps you would like to use this service to locate new or additional riders. 

It's easy and you can carpool as often or as little as you want.  Maybe once, maybe twice or even five times a week.  Either way you will save money each time you share a ride with someone.

Faculty and Staff:


  • The link above goes to the HR Self Service login page
  • After entering Self Service, go to My Parking
  • After opening My Parking, Carpool Matching is listed
  • On the Carpool Matching web site, you enter the parameters to search for persons interested in carpooling
  • A list of other faculty and staff interested in carpooling comes up in the window and you are responsible for contacting them about carpooling
  • Once you have formed your carpool, contact the Parking Office at (319) 335-1475 for information about obtaining carpool permits.
  • The link above goes to an interactive pdf page which allows you to sign up for Carpool Matching
  • This information is sent to Commuter Programs who maintain a database of students interested in carpooling
  • You will be mailed a list of potential carpool matches to contact
  • Once you have formed your carpool, contact the Parking Office at (319) 335-1475 for information about obtaining carpool permits.

Commuting Students who already have an established carpool can register for a commuter parking permit in ISIS. (click on MyIowa and My Parking) They should indicate their desire for a carpool permit when they are completing the online registration.

  Private transit companies provide weekend service to/from Iowa City and Chicago.  Check the website for specific information: 

(These links are for your information only, they do not constitute endorsement of the services by either this department or The University of Iowa.)

Here are some tips for a successful carpool.

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