3rd American Conference on Human Vibration 

3rd American Conference on Human Vibration 1-4 June 2010
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa
Meeting Chair: David G. Wilder, PhD

Conference Synopsis:
When people interact with physical environments that produce vibration and mechanical shock, they can experience responses to the environment ranging from mild to life-changing depending on the characteristics of the exposure.  The 3rd American Conference on Human Vibration, the third in a biennial series starting at NIOSH in 2006 and continuing in Chicago in 2008, provides a forum for scientists, engineers, ergonomists, medical doctors, industrial hygienists, educators, epidemiologists, health and safety specialists, physiologists, psychologists, students and others from government, industry, and academic institutions to discuss and advance research and education in the area of human response to vibration.  

Understanding human responses to vibration allows interested stakeholders to improve vibration environments to reduce risks to their users.  Conference topics will cover human responses to hand-transmitted and whole-body vibration in general and may include measured human responses, modeling, experimental design, sensors, new technologies, and epidemiology studies.  Contemporary issues related to prevention measures, occupational health, and data collection used to study the complex, dynamic human response to vibration will be addressed.