Just-In-Time Resources for Staff

The following offices offer quick coaching to staff members involved in conflicts.

Employee and Labor Relations


Faculty and Staff Disability Services


Human Resource Representative

See Employee Self Service to locate your local Human Resource Representative.

Office of the Ombudsperson (Confidential Resource)

Organizational Effectiveness

Senior Human Resource Leadership

See Senior HR Leaders.

Supervisory Assistance

For supervisors who are concerned about staff who are not performing well,  absent, or unable to concentrate fully or who have just heard from an employee with have a personal problem, call 335-2085 to ask for an EAP Supervisor Consultation.  For general concerns about workgroup morale, productivity, or doing more work with less staff, call and ask to be connected to the Supervisory Help-line.

Both services can be accessed by calling 335-2085. And if you don't know which service fits your situation, call and we can  help you sort it out.


Supervisors often can provide help in resolving employee conflicts.


updated October 9, 2013