Core Values

   Land Use

   Land Use
   Open Space

   Pedestrian-oriented Campus
   Vehicle System
   Parking Standards
   Drop-Off/Short Term Parking
   Open Space System
   Pedestrian/Vehicle Conflicts
   Campus Entrances
   Visual Corridors
   Potential Building Sites
   Design Guidelines/
      Pre-Design Checklist
   Replace Floor Area Ratio
   Preserve and Protect National
      Register of Historic Places
         Buildings, and Sites
   Identify, Preserve & Protect
      Other Historic Buildings & Sites
   Maintenance Plan
   Campus Statistics
   Hawkins Drive Improvement
   West Campus Loop Road
   Functional Area Recommendations
      Old Capitol
      University Services
      East Residence Halls
      Iowa Center for the Arts and
         the International Center
      Health Sciences/Hospital
      West Residence Halls
      South Melrose
      Far West
      Oakdale Campus
   East, West, & Far West Campus

   The Role of the Campus Planning
   The Role of the Campus Planning
      Committee in the Planning
   The Process For Updating the
      Framework Plan
   The Proposal or Project Review
   Project Implementation

   Campus Boundries
   Roads, Streets, & Highways
   Open Space & Green Space

   UI Payroll Report - Sept. 1997
   Lot/Ramp Space Inventory-
      Oct. 1997
   Meter Inventory - Oct. 1997
   Service Vehicle Zones -
      East Campus
   Service Vehicle Zones -
      West Campus
   Original Plat of Iowa City
   Workshops - Scheduled by
      Functional Area or
   Workshops - Summary of
      Responses By Workshop
   Workshops - Summary of

Scheduled By Functional Area or Participants

Three sets of workshops were held with students, staff, faculty, and others over the course of developing the 1997 Sesquicentennial Campus Planning Framework Plan.

    Initial Functional Area Focus Group
      Workshop 1
      • University Services Area
      Workshop 2
      • East Residence Halls
      • Old Capitol Area
      Workshop 3
      • Health Campus Functional Area
      Workshop 4
      • Sports Area West
      • West Residence Halls
      • South Melrose
      Workshop 5
      • All Students
      • Open Invitation
      Workshop 6
      • Iowa Center for the Arts
      • International Center
      Workshop 7
      • Far West Campus
      Workshop 8
      • Targeted Campus-Wide Groups
    Second Set of Workshops
      Workshop 9
      • Entire West Campus
      • Far West Campus
      Workshop 10
      • Entire East Campus
      Workshop 11
      • All Students
      • Open Invitation
    Third Set of Workshops
      Workshop 12
      • Entire West Campus
      • Far West Campus
      Workshop 13
      • Entire East Campus
      Workshop 14
      • All Students
      • Open Invitation

Last Updated: Thursday, January 28, 1999
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