Core Values

   Land Use

   Land Use
   Open Space

   Pedestrian-oriented Campus
   Vehicle System
   Parking Standards
   Drop-Off/Short Term Parking
   Open Space System
   Pedestrian/Vehicle Conflicts
   Campus Entrances
   Visual Corridors
   Potential Building Sites
   Design Guidelines/
      Pre-Design Checklist
   Replace Floor Area Ratio
   Preserve and Protect National
      Register of Historic Places
         Buildings, and Sites
   Identify, Preserve & Protect
      Other Historic Buildings & Sites
   Maintenance Plan
   Campus Statistics
   Hawkins Drive Improvement
   West Campus Loop Road
   Functional Area Recommendations
      Old Capitol
      University Services
      East Residence Halls
      Iowa Center for the Arts and
         the International Center
      Health Sciences/Hospital
      West Residence Halls
      South Melrose
      Far West
      Oakdale Campus
   East, West, & Far West Campus

   The Role of the Campus Planning
   The Role of the Campus Planning
      Committee in the Planning
   The Process For Updating the
      Framework Plan
   The Proposal or Project Review
   Project Implementation

   Campus Boundries
   Roads, Streets, & Highways
   Open Space & Green Space

   UI Payroll Report - Sept. 1997
   Lot/Ramp Space Inventory-
      Oct. 1997
   Meter Inventory - Oct. 1997
   Service Vehicle Zones -
      East Campus
   Service Vehicle Zones -
      West Campus
   Original Plat of Iowa City
   Workshops - Scheduled by
      Functional Area or
   Workshops - Summary of
      Responses By Workshop
   Workshops - Summary of

Responses By Workshop

Each workshop asked a series of questions, with some variation in quantity or exact wording of questions. Questions were asked in terms of the overall campus (Campus View) and directed towards specific areas (Functional/Immediate Area View). Workshop groups included participants from specific functional areas as well as participants from the campus as a whole. The following is a compilation of workshop responses:

Use this table to quickly "jump" to a response
 Functional Area Campus View Functional/Immediate Area View
 University Services X X
 Sports Area/West Residence Halls/South Melrose X X
 Iowa Center For The Arts/International Center X X
 Health Campus X X
 Far West X X
 East Residence Halls/Old Capitol X X
 Targeted Campus Wide Groups X X
 All Student/Open Session X X

Campus View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus?

  1. Relatively easy pedestrian access to central area.
  2. Diversity of natural/cultural features.
  3. Faculty/staff.
  4. Town.
  5. Good place for individuals and families.
  6. Efficient and popular CAMBUS.
  7. Variety of architectural styles.
  8. Attached to the Central Business District.
  9. Vehicular traffic still O.K.
  10. Campus small enough with close proximity of buildings.
  11. Planning on Eastside at Old Capital Building.
  12. Financial stability.
  13. Good access to interstate highways.
  14. Attractive landscape: Green space, mix of vegetation, well planned and designed, variety, topography, bluffs and river.
  15. Great greenspaces.
  16. Environment/climate - healthy (pollution).
  17. Good community relations.
  18. Diversity of people.
  19. Education considered a "good deal".
  20. History, first capital of Iowa.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus.
  1. Increased litter because of "CBD".
  2. Separation of campus by city streets.
  3. Shortage of appropriate service access to buildings.
  4. Not enough parking near certain buildings.
  5. Service parking.
  6. Diffusion of functions throughout campus.
  7. Lack of greenspace between buildings.
  8. Lack of trees.
  9. Limited on space for growth.
  10. Aging buildings and utilities.
  11. Lack of common vision and coordinated effort.
  12. Capricious space allocation.
  13. Poorly placed bicycle parking.
  14. Lack of central entrance to campus.
  15. Identity of "campus".
  16. De-centralized system control.
  17. Deferred maintenance, $27 million.
  18. Diversity, lack of common vision.
  19. Arrogant place.
  20. Not necessarily user friendly, outside-interior.
  21. Handicap parking access.
  22. Climate, rains/snows a lot.
  23. No architectural continuity.
  24. Vehicular traffic.
  25. Lack of innovation.
  26. No good source of who does what.
  27. Lack of published policies.
  28. Lack of use of technology.
  29. The river.
  30. Lack of pride and respect for campus.
  31. Pedestrian routes.
  32. Closed planning system.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Build and renovated to meet needs (not less).
  2. More appropriations for deferred maintenance and utilities.
  3. Minimize drive-by traffic, create core areas with minimal traffic.
  4. Preserve open space.
  5. Have more groups like this to focus on ideas and solutions.
  6. Determine what are problems versus attitudes.
  7. Develop a caring culture; training state development program, foster competition.
  8. Coordinate museums and historical attractions.
  9. More user level meetings and workshops.
  10. Mission statement and goals.
  11. Define future growth area.
  12. Group needs to get together to address parking and service access.
  13. Integrate parking, bikes, etc. into initial planning process.
  14. Establish campus identity.
  15. Expand departmental roles in planning.
  16. Look at what others are doing. (don't re-invent)
  17. More pedestrian walkways with less vehicular interference.
  18. Have a plan, get input, develop consensus.
  19. Set limits for growth.
  20. Own green house, campus Project Green.
  21. Open our minds.
  22. Determine what works and keep it.
  23. Focus structure by function.
  24. Spend more dollars by saving more dollars, e.g. energy conservation.
  25. Recognize consolidated business services.
  26. More money for energy conservation, waster management, etc.
  27. Physical plant offices/shop - re-use.
  28. Consolidate FSG.
  29. Take an inventory of people strengths.
  30. Plant more flowers.
  31. Beautify river banks.
  32. Use state tree nursery.

Functional/Immediate Area View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?

  1. Accessibility to main traffic flow patterns.
  2. Close access to greenspace at Pentacrest and south of Main Library.
  3. Close to city/retail area of community.
  4. Close to UI museums.
  5. Space for research in less expensive buildings or transit uses.
  6. Trained and experienced staff.
  7. Desire to succeed and solve problems.
  8. Implementation of cost cutting projects.
  9. Preservation of historical architectural styles.
  10. Relationship between city and university.
  11. IMU excellent information resource.
  12. Close proximity to either side of campus.
  13. Potential for nice view of river.
  14. Excellent service center for quick access and response time.
  15. River.
  16. Trees.
  17. Parking close to building.
  18. Pathways.
  19. Good access to most areas.
  20. Parking access.
  21. Good access to local suppliers.
  22. Expanding university presence provides new growth opportunities.
  23. Parking.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?
  1. Inadequate parking for service vehicles.
  2. Buildings not being maintained.
  3. No parking or little parking except lot 15.
  4. Little identity or unity.
  5. Rag-tag looking.
  6. No funds for deferred maintenance and energy conservation projects.
  7. Lack of efficiency.
  8. No centralized staff, poor communication among FSG departments.
  9. Lack of communication about upcoming projects that will disrupt the grounds preventing efficient implementation.
  10. Poor facilities to coordinate efforts of FSG, old ill equipped buildings.
  11. Privately held land.
  12. Placement of utility plants, power and water.
  13. Need more flowers, shrubs and trees.
  14. Keep people off the grass.
  15. Restrict smoking away from front doors of buildings.
  16. Snow removal timing.
  17. Building usage not compatible with original design.
  18. Remote location (207 S. Clinton) considered "off campus" and not served by CAMBUS or included in lighting plan.
  19. Remote location (207 S. Clinton) is difficult for student staff to access.
  20. At grade railroad crossing impede traffic.
  21. No parking and lack of service access.
  22. Poor energy conservation.
  23. Poor building design and lack of maintenance.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of this area of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. More flowering plants, trees or shrubs.
  2. More bicycle racks placed where needed.
  3. Celebrate the campus, identify campus.
  4. Make it a park, research park.
  5. Have a standard for buildings in this area different from other university areas.
  6. Beautify the area.
  7. More communication between departments under FSG.
  8. Centralized FSG building.
  9. Increased funding for deferred maintenance and energy conservation projects.
  10. Strategic planning sessions with problem identification, and implement solutions with deadlines.
  11. Develop south campus for parking, academics, and facilities services.
  12. Limit access to south campus to functions.
  13. Develop a customer service center/visitor center in ground floor of large parking facility at corner of Burlington and Madison.
  14. Community bike program modeled by one at Cal Berkley.
  15. Improved serious communication.
  16. Develop a common vision.
  17. Good planning with innovation, pragmatic approach with aesthetics considered.
  18. Higher quality equipment for longer usage.
  19. Extend CAMBUS to serve the area.
  20. Adequate lighting, improve to university standards.
  21. Improve University identity in the area, an integral part of the University.
  22. Need overall master plan.
  23. More parking.
  24. Better handicapped access.

Campus View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus?

  1. Good quality buildings.
  2. CAMBUS.
  3. Pedestrian ways and greenspace.
  4. Amount of open space - space between buildings and space between functional areas.
  5. River.
  6. Natural beauty from river, bluffs and trees.
  7. Small enough to walk across in 30 minutes.
  8. Last 30 years careful positioning of buildings, planning process working.
  9. The Arts Campus. Central theme/Main Campus/Old Capital area.
  10. Graceful melding with city.
  11. Historic feeling - people have walked here before.
  12. Integration of Downtown.
  13. Keeping certain departments or areas together on campus.
  14. Medical facilities.
  15. Human scale.
  16. Informality - easiness, comfort.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. A lot of undistinguished buildings on campus.
  2. Lack of drop off spots for students and patients.
  3. Number of different building architecture.
  4. South Grand Avenue at Emergency Room Parking.
  5. Makes too many concessions to vehicles.
  6. West Campus not enough concern for pedestrians, traffic patterns.
  7. Separation of conflicts - vehicular, bike, pedestrian.
  8. Lack of Adequate greenspace, active - students, Frisbee, etc.
  9. Signage.
  10. Grounds poorly maintained.
  11. Buildings blocking views, Laser/Business.
  12. Dead space on river IMU south.
  13. International Center isolated.
  14. Too many intrusions into campus: traffic, East End, city water plant.
  15. Planning with city, (Projects).
  16. Generates needs - housing, parking, etc. - puts pressure on surrounding neighborhoods.
  17. Future expansion space "far out".
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Dollars to physical plant- better maintenance, etc.
  2. Make more pedestrian friendly, restrict traffic, move parking to outlying areas.
  3. Separate bikes and pedestrian.
  4. Maintain space for play areas and usable by people (active use).
  5. Re-develop area of river south of IMU.
  6. Better planning, streets being torn up annually, utilities/ fiber.
  7. Support services, off campus (privatize).
  8. Dollars for signage, directional, ID.
  9. Use natural beauty, don't destroy.
  10. Consider views to and through river.
  11. Comprehensive West Campus, pedestrian circulation.
  12. As building occurs, set aside dollars for landscape development.

Functional/Immediate Area View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?

  1. Westlawn.
  2. Riverfront trail.
  3. Ravine south of Law School.
  4. Functional grouping of academic units.
  5. River: trail, vistas, openness.
  6. Relation to city park.
  7. Compact and organized around functional areas.
  8. Accessible by CAMBUS and pedestrian traffic.
  9. Good facilities and buildings.
  10. Compact, one area.
  11. Facilities.
  12. Parking on weekends.
  13. Informality, easiness, comfort.
  14. Diversity of users.
  15. Proximity of hospital in case of injury.
  16. Diversity of users of the Medical Campus.
  17. Sporting arenas are close so that students can walk to events.
  18. River.
  19. Easy access to recreational facilities.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?
  1. Confusing circulation and signage.
  2. Hospital is a large impenetrable barrier.
  3. Circulation, pedestrian and vehicles.
  4. Mud.
  5. Indifference at physical plant to grounds.
  6. Proximity to apartments and Frat row.
  7. Traffic and parking problems, congestion.
  8. Lack of greenspace.
  9. Not enough parking, share with hospital, weekdays.
  10. Parking is expensive.
  11. Hospital congestion.
  12. Lack of adequate greenspace.
  13. Lack of drop-off areas.
  14. Poor pedestrian traffic patterns.
  15. Traffic flow at rush hour.
  16. Sporting events cause difficult traffic problems.
  17. Flight patterns of UIHC helicopter, dangerous and noisy.
  18. Dirt, sand, mud.
  19. Few restaurants within walking distance.
  20. Difficult access.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of this area of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Signage.
  2. Pedestrian system.
  3. Move dance onto campus.
  4. Complete arts campus plan, only the ugly part has been accomplished.
  5. Move hospital to Oakdale Campus.
  6. Move stadium, larger concourse space.
  7. Build parking ramps where tennis courts are located.
  8. Free parking evenings and weekends.
  9. Provide some identifiable passage ways to west athletic facilities.
  10. Improve signage.
  11. Campus loop road to eliminate cross-campus traffic.
  12. Unification of campus and city planning.

Campus View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus?

  1. River.
  2. Cultural events.
  3. Parking near most places.
  4. Able to walk most places.
  5. Proximity to Downtown.
  6. Integration with urban environment without dominating.
  7. Historic center of campus, Old Capitol.
  8. Relatively compact, aided by effective transportation system.
  9. Greenspaces.
  10. Proximity to the City Park.
  11. Location - Midwest.
  12. New traffic free areas.
  13. Landscaping and trees.
  14. Mobility - campus/paths.
  15. Artwork incorporated in new buildings.
  16. Mixture of undergraduate/graduate/professional students.
  17. Pedestrian bridges.
  18. Segmentation of related departmental groups.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Lighting.
  2. Over focus on architecture/landscape at Pentacrest to the exclusion of others.
  3. Architectural aesthetics.
  4. Parking availability (short term).
  5. Never enough dollars.
  6. Lack of an architectural plan.
  7. River, Eastside visual junk, parking lots.
  8. Not using river well at all.
  9. Maintenance of riverbanks and walkways.
  10. Architectural style dissonance.
  11. Lack of pedestrian access across streets - riverside at International Center.
  12. Disappearing greenspace.
  13. Lack of signage - what is in building, directory - where things are. Rule that building can only have two signs doesn't work, i.e. International Center.
  14. Landscaping.
  15. Departmental grouping - segmentation.
  16. The power of the hospital in campus planning.
  17. Lack of humanities on hospital campus.
  18. User friendliness to outsiders, signage, where to stay, groceries, etc.
  19. Lack of existing and accessibility to recreation facilities.
  20. Uneven technological infrastructure.
  21. Bridge safety.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Continue greater attention to detail focus on the things that matter.
  2. Focus on personal safety and perception by better lighting and plantings.
  3. Bridges you can't fall off of.
  4. Improve flow of traffic.
  5. Concentrate on bike and pathways in systematic way.
  6. Enlist people who work for and with us in maintaining campus.
  7. Campus wide plan for historic preservation.
  8. Screen utilities especially electrical.
  9. Broaden campus building committee to include more aesthetics.
  10. Continue adding bike racks.
  11. Guide/limit access to landscape contractors/outside people.
  12. Make sure all new construction matters.
  13. Do and implement maintenance plan for each building.
  14. Create mechanism for analysis of building design in initial stages, inappropriate design.
  15. Better public forum for decisions.
  16. Empower campus planning.
  17. Modification of campus eye sores, i.e. IMU parking.
  18. Save and enhance greenspace.
  19. Enhance and add people spaces.
  20. Replace Burge with buildings we can be proud of.

Functional/Immediate Area View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?

  1. Pond.
  2. Location along river at Arts Campus.
  3. Greenspaces around buildings at Arts Campus and International Center.
  4. Quiet.
  5. Pretty.
  6. Pride of staff.
  7. River.
  8. Outside sculpture.
  9. River.
  10. Trees and natural feeling.
  11. River.
  12. 1930's buildings.
  13. Queen Anne street lamps on Riverside Drive.
  14. Lots of parking.
  15. Grouping of arts together.
  16. Right on river, should take advantage of that.
  17. Classified as Arts Campus, which gives a certain feel.
  18. An area you can showcase to the public.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?
  1. Remote from campus, hard to reach.
  2. Parking.
  3. Safety issues, lighting, foot bridges, emergency phones.
  4. Signage on buildings.
  5. Access to International Center from main city streets, signage.
  6. Maintenance of buildings.
  7. Crowded buildings.
  8. Food outlet needed.
  9. Mostly older buildings, maintenance.
  10. Parking at IC and other areas.
  11. Parking for events, especially with athletics.
  12. Distance from academic areas.
  13. No access of view to river from studio.
  14. Visitor parking.
  15. Flooding.
  16. Poor lighting, signage, maintenance of visible elements.
  17. Too much parking.
  18. Lack of landscaping and trees.
  19. Lighting styles.
  20. Mediocre architectural design.
  21. Not enough parking, and also aesthetic parking.
  22. Lack of historical preservation/reference.
  23. Performing arts spaces do not have adequate support facilities and equipment.
  24. Losing greenspace.
  25. Need to draw more students to the Arts Campus.
  26. View of the east side of the river.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of this area of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Convert greenspace to parking.
  2. Entrances to building.
  3. Signage.
  4. Landscaping keeping the integrity of existing buildings.
  5. Landscape planting that emphasizes natural landscapes.
  6. Better signage.
  7. More seniors works of art.
  8. Hide parking to extent possible.
  9. Graffiti removal on bridges.
  10. More landscaping and development/maintenance of riverbank.
  11. New building design reviewed by others than Campus Planning.
  12. Department of Dance into the Arts Campus.
  13. Expansion or rebuilding is needed by nearly all Arts Departments.
  14. Improve traffic flow of N. Riverside Drive.
  15. More park like setting, benches, trees, etc.
  16. Banner for special events should be allowed.
  17. Enhance aesthetics of parking lots.

Campus View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus?

  1. Access for pedestrians to buildings has been improved by the addition of walkways.
  2. Access good for patients to University of Iowa Health Campus.
  3. Accessibility for students to campus buildings is improved by using the CAMBUS system.
  4. Athletic facilities available to students, staff, faculty and the community.
  5. Iowa River flows through campus, providing beautiful riverfront setting.
  6. Buildings that are well maintained and clean, offering 24 hour access for students and staff.
  7. Buildings that are attractive with a mix of architectural design; the use of red brick showing integrity of style.
  8. Academic units are segregated.
  9. Medical campus somewhat contiguous; consolidation of health science areas.
  10. Health science plan is active.
  11. Old Capital area provides pleasing appearance and theme on Eastside of campus.
  12. Campus area has good mix of open space, building areas and facilities that are linked by the CAMBUS system and safe walking areas.
  13. Buildings connected by tunnel system are able to interact.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Access for research participants.
  2. Access to Emergency Room.
  3. Bicycle parking.
  4. Black top median on Grand Avenue.
  5. Brick pathways, icy hazards at Quad ravine.
  6. Brutalist architecture on West Campus.
  7. Building maintenance.
  8. Building placement is poor.
  9. Building signs.
  10. Cross angles too much.
  11. Diminishing greenspace.
  12. Grand Avenue blocked by campus.
  13. Handicap accessibility - some buildings.
  14. Highway access through to Veterans Hospital to UI campus.
  15. Hodge/podge building design.
  16. Lack of bicycle paths (separated from pedestrians).
  17. Lack of bus shelters at pickup.
  18. Lack of complete Health Science pedestrian tunnel system.
  19. Lack of eating establishments on Westside.
  20. Lack of Gateways.
  21. Lack of utility support.
  22. Motor vehicle circulation pattern unclear.
  23. Natural terrain.
  24. Parking.
  25. Patient access.
  26. Pedestrian-bike-motor vehicle conflicts.
  27. Poor building ID signage - not maintained.
  28. Poor Drainage of roads and sidewalks.
  29. Problem with so many libraries.
  30. Proximity of Kinnick Stadium to UI campus.
  31. Roadways create barriers.
  32. Safety.
  33. Security facilities.
  34. Shining bright aluminum siding on ramp 4.
  35. Too closely integrated to Downtown.
  36. Traffic flow.
  37. Uncontrolled (at boulevard) pedestrian cross walks.
  38. University Heights - access through.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. More strength on Campus Planning - Theme/Material/Etc.
  2. Improve parking for faculty/staff/patients.
  3. Improve accessibility to lots/campus.
  4. Limit pedestrian campus concept, balance safety/access.
  5. Tunnel system west lawn campus.
  6. More dollars to preserve old buildings.
  7. Build in quality up front.
  8. Encourage units to expand to Oakdale.
  9. Investigate impact of campus activities- major projects.
  10. Prioritize problems/weaknesses.
  11. Long term parking to remote area.
  12. Security - twenty-four hours.
  13. Planning process should change: define program need, then budget.
  14. Revisit signage plan.
  15. Better coordination of on going projects.
  16. Traffic flow.
  17. Re-examine what we are doing, point of customers.
  18. Parking:
      Accessibility, CAMBUS not always available.
      Disability access.
      Access from lots to streets.
      Shuttles from remote lots.

Functional/Immediate Area View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?

  1. Loading dock in building. (EMBR)
  2. Ease of dropping off people, using circle drop off.
  3. Indoor access to hospital.
  4. Appearance and planning of new UIHC complex.
  5. Tunnel from Westlawn/Steindler Building.
  6. UIHC does a good job of planning, implementing and maintaining buildings and grounds.
  7. New clean facility.
  8. Close accessible to units in HS.
  9. Greenspace and ravine.
  10. Access to building to students.
  11. Pleasant, well kept building.
  12. UIHC buildings kept in good repair.
  13. Focus on patients first as to parking ramps.
  14. Immediate response to safety and security issues within the UIHC complex.
  15. Patient parking for Dentistry DSB.
  16. Greenspace providing an appealing environment.
  17. Walking distance between Health Science areas.
  18. Tunnel.
  19. Distinctive building and area, well maintained exterior.
  20. Landscaping.
  21. Attractive buildings.
  22. Medical Campus primarily in one area.
  23. Open spaces mixed with facilities.
  24. Options for getting around facilities (walk, bike, bus, car.)
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?
  1. Parking not close to building, crossing Grand Avenue is difficult at rush hours.
  2. Lack of communication within building, Internet access.
  3. Insufficient bike racks.
  4. Security insufficient, doors aren't locked.
  5. More eating facilities.
  6. Short term parking for high traffic areas.
  7. Exterior signage.
  8. Too many patient entrances to UIHC.
  9. Internal signage in hospital is confusing.
  10. Access to ER.
  11. Truck access to UIHC loading dock.
  12. Lighting of pedestrian routes.
  13. Parking.
  14. Parking access.
  15. Handicapped access.
  16. Time loss between east and west bank due to limitations of parking and bus system.
  17. Lack of staff and patient parking.
  18. Crosswalk danger on Newton Road and other non-controlled crosswalks.
  19. Meandering and confusing entrance/exit streets.
  20. Parking for new faculty and staff.
  21. Lack of patient drop-off access at main door to the DSB.
  22. Traffic congestion during athletic events.
  23. Parking.
  24. Space.
  25. Accessibility and lack of food.
  26. Patient access to DSB.
  27. Lighting.
  28. Distance from parking.
  29. Availability and accessibility of parking facilities.
  30. Traffic flow system.
  31. Pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle conflicts.
What need to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of this area of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Add more security to check building for locked doors after hours.
  2. Tunnels between buildings.
  3. Marked crosswalks painted, pedestrian right of way signs.
  4. Central/global planning.
  5. Improve circulation.
  6. Commercial zone on perimeter of West Campus to allow restaurants and small shops.
  7. Prioritize by agreement of the majority and work towards solving each problem area.
  8. Keep patient and visitor parking rates at a reasonable level.
  9. Improve directional signage.
  10. Tunnel from UIHC to DSB.
  11. High rise parking structure on lot 40.
  12. Closer parking while maintaining basic accessibility.
  13. Continue to have medical facilities consolidated.
  14. Experiment with alternate means of parking at remote lots with Tramline and/or rail links.
  15. Staggered work shift times, alleviate high traffic times.

Campus View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus?

  1. Location of campus-river-divide.
  2. Departments starting to work together.
  3. Openness of West Campus.
  4. Blending of Central Campus with Downtown.
  5. Not too big, not to small with open space between buildings.
  6. Quality work place.
  7. Nationally known, good press.
  8. Prestige of medical campus.
  9. Athletic/academic prestige.
  10. Diversity of buildings.
  11. Intimate campus.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Not a lot of space between buildings. Building one on top of another.
  2. Traffic and parking: public, short term, residence halls, staff/faculty, IMU, Fieldhouse, Jefferson.
  3. Natural division between east and west.
  4. Lack of work out facility on East Side.
  5. Lack of attractive (maintenance) landscaping (memorable).
  6. East Side academic, West Side athletic and hospital.
  7. Problems clustering medical/athletic facilities: traffic/parking at game times, separate priorities.
  8. Maintenance vehicle access to buildings.
  9. Lack of sidewalks, paths, bike paths.
  10. Communicating/justification of University priorities.
  11. Barriers between East/West, river, highways, RR tracks.
  12. Lack of functional gateways to campus.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. More parking ramps or shuttle from outlying lots.
  2. Information, news releases on what is open, how to get from point A to B.
  3. Integrate all factions of university in development of West Campus.
  4. No more building in hospital/athletic area.
  5. Rearrange traffic, establish pedestrian only areas, parking on perimeter except at "public" buildings.
  6. Develop policies that go along with design changes.
  7. Add more flowers and trees.
  8. Tunnels, walkways (enclosed), to connect parking.
  9. Develop master plan for landscape.
  10. Proper planning to accommodate growth without problems.
  11. As new buildings are designed a percentage of open space , landscaping should be required.
  12. New buildings could replace old buildings.

Functional/Immediate Area View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?

  1. No traffic and parking problems as yet.
  2. Possible expansion for recreation and athletics to solve existing facilities parking and problem with hospital space.
  3. Open space, great opportunity to establish a plan for future.
  4. Large space that can accommodate a variety of activities including parking and greenspace.
  5. Openness, lack of traffic.
  6. Wildlife, evidence of natural areas.
  7. New, open area, room for growth.
  8. Lots of parking.
  9. Traffic not a problem, most of the time.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?
  1. Do we have wetland areas that might curtail or limit development?
  2. Would large sports or large events impact hospital?
  3. Removed from central campus, poor access for general student population.
  4. Parking.
  5. Public safety, security of area.
  6. Radio towers limit use of a large area.
  7. The radio towers.
  8. Bull pen.
  9. Lack of signage.
  10. Lack of campus bus.
  11. Lack of control.
  12. Distance to campus and bus service.
  13. Lack of walkways.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimizes weaknesses of this area of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Create Westside campus entrance (gateway).
  2. Relocate radio towers.
  3. Use all departments to help with control of area.
  4. Master plan to develop area.

Campus View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus?

  1. Pentacrest.
  2. Bus service available.
  3. Natural landforms, interesting possibilities and views.
  4. Student based offices Jessup/Calvin.
  5. Architecture.
  6. Visually very attractive.
  7. Good exercise /recreation facilitates.
  8. Buildings within walking distance or served by CAMBUS.
  9. Bridges.
  10. Proximity to town.
  11. Attempts to minimize auto traffic in central area.
  12. Historical building character.
  13. Health science in one area.
  14. Somewhat compact.
  15. Large non-resident/commuter population-free up area.
  16. Reputation.
  17. Opportunity for development space.
  18. Nice paths and walking areas, Anne Cleary Walkway.
  19. All academic professional programs one central area.
  20. Open space/greenspace.
  21. CAMBUS system.
  22. Grounds and plantings.
  23. Excellent facilities for arts.
  24. Don't feel crowded.
  25. Availability of computing service.
  26. Blue light towers.
  27. Central location of IMU.
  28. Motor traffic good - one ways.
  29. City of Iowa City.
  30. Presidents house on campus.
  31. River area.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Jefferson and Market.
  2. Parking.
  3. Finishing Fiber Optic Network.
  4. Iowa Avenue.
  5. Advanced Technology absent.
  6. Many buildings in advanced state of decay.
  7. No organized system with city for bikes to or through campus.
  8. Limited outdoor seating space.
  9. No real entrance.
  10. Vehicles on campus/service.
  11. Riverside Drive through campus.
  12. Over crowded buildings.
  13. Sense of community - separation: river and city.
  14. Lack of consideration of the impact of new buildings.
  15. Jessup, not enough space - Central Administration.
  16. New and old buildings not accessible, useable but not signed to.
  17. Transportation system not good to disabled.
  18. Difficult to transverse campus for people with disabilities.
  19. Relatively few interior student gathering spaces - academic.
  20. Slow maintenance.
  21. Vehicular access to buildings/service.
  22. Boundaries are ill defined.
  23. Lack of signage.
  24. Prioritizing repair/renovations, political.
  25. No dedicated space for staff training and resources.
  26. Lack an efficient way of cataloging and assigning space.
  27. Difficult to get around with any mobility problems.
  28. Indoor climate control.
  29. Too little greenspace.
  30. Very boring and too few trees and shrubs.
  31. General maintenance of outdoor areas.
  32. Visitor and staff parking.
  33. Lack of unity or definition.
  34. Information about campus planning, How/where/who/what/vision.
  35. Congestion of students at pedestrian crossings.
  36. Lack of large meeting space.
  37. Outdoor performance space.
  38. Services too distributed.
  39. Places/spaces for students to play.
  40. Flooding at Mayflower/Hancher.
  41. Many departments split.
  42. No visitor center.
  43. Collage of conflicting architecture styles.
  44. No planned physical fit.
  45. Many buildings not designed for current use.
  46. Access to field house. Interim.
  47. Winter walking/driving.
  48. Lack of child care.
  49. Emergency travel/access at hospital.
What need to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Architectural conformity of new buildings to old.
  2. Better coordination of bicycle and pedestrian traffic from feeder streets to and around campus.
  3. More paths and quiet areas, i.e. new park across from Lindquist Center and library , Cleary Walkway.
  4. Use D&CS Physical UI database with new telecommunications database to design computerized system for space assignment and cataloging.
  5. Formal policy on prioritization of renovations and renovations vs. New buildings.
  6. Install more informative signs to make access easier.
  7. Provide wheelchair accessible computer work station at every ITC.
  8. Oversight responsibilities assigned to department for accessibility issues.
  9. Directional signage for all campus users.
  10. Coordination between all involved with specific issues.
  11. Parking problem issues for visitors and mobility impaired.
  12. Prioritize strengths and weaknesses to focus on major issues.
  13. Divide ideas and problems into groups to be addressed by separate initiative if appropriate.
  14. Action taken towards issues and concerns raised during planning process.
  15. Tour campus areas identified for complete understanding of visual problems.
  16. Independent publication of recommendations in newspaper and web.
  17. Information about campus planning needs to be readily accessible.
  18. Refurbish older buildings, but not at the expense of building newer ones.
  19. Better long range planning for university.
  20. Coordinate planning with surrounding communities.
  21. Maintain present facilities adequately before building new ones.
  22. Add handicapped parking.
  23. Additional outdoor lighting.
  24. Improve classroom lighting.
  25. Fix heating and air conditioning.
  26. Increase building maintenance and painting.
  27. Improve sidewalk maintenance in winter.
  28. Improve pedestrian path to buildings that decreases conflict with Downtown traffic.
  29. Prioritize building and equipment repair.
  30. Finish campus fiber optic network.
  31. More and better communication with Iowa City planning.
  32. Improve level of building cleaning.
  33. Improve campus circulation for all modes.
  34. Better integrate academic and service areas for improved uses.
  35. Strengthen river area.
  36. Stop signs at pedestrian crossings.
  37. Plant more trees, shrubs, flowers and improve variety.
  38. Emphasize campus historical attributes.
  39. Increase open space with new buildings.
  40. No new building in Health Campus area. Create a human scale exterior environment.
  41. Restore and repair infrastructure.
  42. Older building analysis for improved usage and modernization.
  43. Landscape master plan for design and use incorporating signage, bike trails and crossing at Jefferson.
  44. Build parking ramps for students, staff and visitors.
  45. Delivery access to every building.
  46. Major program for building maintenance.
  47. Involve all parts of campus community in planning process.
  48. Sole authority to an agency to oversee plan implementation and updates.
  49. Physical accessibility concerns priority in new construction and renovations.
  50. More and creative open space.
  51. Improve parking for campus users.
  52. Address dangerous intersections.
  53. Define boundaries and entrances to campus.
  54. Implementation of bicycle study.
  55. Encourage pedestrian and not vehicular uses on campus.
  56. Comprehensive space plan that is consistent with UI strategic plan and establish national facilities planning guidelines.

Functional/Immediate Area View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?

  1. Location in very center of campus.
  2. Close to good restaurants.
  3. Greenspace and river.
  4. Proximity to Downtown.
  5. Concentration of academic departments.
  6. Greenspace between North Hall and Stanley dormitory.
  7. Walkway along the Iowa River.
  8. Building character.
  9. Commuting access is good.
  10. Liberal arts and administration area.
  11. Proximity to central services.
  12. Pentacrest.
  13. Pentacrest, center of campus character.
  14. Old Capitol bus service.
  15. Closeness to Iowa City. The Cleary walkway is wonderful.
  16. The Pentacrest and its greenery.
  17. The architecture of the old buildings.
  18. Improved signage at East Lawn.
  19. Central location.
  20. Landscaping and new walkway.
  21. Convenient to Downtown.
  22. Access to Downtown.
  23. Parking convenient.
  24. Cleary Walkway.
  25. Pappajohn for meeting rooms.
  26. Landscaping around building.
  27. Access to city parking and businesses.
  28. Student computer lab.
  29. Grouping of divided and like departments.
  30. Location relative to administrative office.
  31. Landscape and views.
  32. Newer building.
  33. Access to computers.
  34. Centrally located.
  35. CAMBUS service.
  36. Student meeting areas.
  37. Access to library.
  38. Access to Downtown and services.
  39. Access to bus service.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?
  1. Events hampered by lack of parking.
  2. Congestion - loading docks and access where pedestrian's walk and access the building.
  3. Illegal parking not monitored.
  4. Difficult visitor parking.
  5. East Campus is run down and unsafe buildings, isolated area.
  6. Unsafe intersections.
  7. Lighting.
  8. Landscaping on Clinton Street.
  9. Anne Cleary Walkway is very difficult to control access, students drive cars on during move-in and move-out days.
  10. Insufficient open space for student outdoor activities.
  11. Parking.
  12. Lack of outdoor performance space.
  13. Large spaces all seem to be same size (seating capacity).
  14. Lack of parking.
  15. Impact of new buildings on existing buildings and services not considered.
  16. No fitness space on Eastside.
  17. Seating areas between North Hall and Stanley Hall.
  18. Pedestrian crossing at Jefferson and Market.
  19. Improved maintenance at North Hall, windows and mold on walls.
  20. Child care for Eastside campus areas.
  21. Oldest buildings are in this region, should they be repaired or replaced?
  22. No vision is evident for this portion of campus.
  23. Poor planning on Eastside expansion.
  24. Consideration for student environment.
  25. Parking is poor.
  26. Expansion areas limited.
  27. Overcrowded.
  28. Infrastructure in need of resources.
  29. Jessup Hall doesn't have enough space for extra administration and all its functions, move academic departments out.
  30. Bicycles on the Pentacrest and Cleary Walkway.
  31. Dangerous pedestrian walkways, Market and Jefferson at Cleary Walkway.
  32. Pathways and sidewalks.
  33. Visitor and staff parking.
  34. Building signage.
  35. Storage at East Lawn.
  36. Building inaccessibility.
  37. Poor short-term parking in area.
  38. Delivery access to Trowbridge.
  39. Market street crossing.
  40. Disabled limit access to buildings.
  41. Building maintenance.
  42. Walkway wall not maintained and ugly.
  43. Jefferson building is isolated from rest of campus, not designed for offices.
  44. Overcrowded building, inadequate climate control.
  45. Seashore Hall and Spence poor condition.
  46. No student gathering points/spaces.
  47. Calvin Hall accessibility.
  48. Bike parking.
  49. Visitor parking.
  50. Planning for building renovations.
  51. Hazardous traffic around Pentacrest.
  52. Restroom facilities are inadequate and not maintained.
  53. Noise from HVAC system.
  54. Parking and loading zones.
  55. Insufficient public services, i.e. phones, copiers, restrooms, lounges.
  56. Climate control and health issues in closed buildings, i.e. non-opening windows.
  57. Insufficient space for faculty and staff.
  58. Repair and maintenance of buildings and equipment.
  59. Heating and cooling systems, air quality.
  60. Handicapped parking.
  61. Entrance lighting.
  62. Lighting in halls and classrooms.
  63. Paint.
  64. Icy hill east entrance to LC.
  65. Lack of and timing of building maintenance.
  66. Expansion areas.
  67. Distance to health sciences.
  68. Street traffic.
What need to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of this are of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Coordinated planning.
  2. Increase resources and find new ones to make corrections.
  3. Better organization and communication.
  4. Don't take away open space from student living areas because it is convenient.
  5. Improve Anne Cleary Walkway access to provide student loading zones.
  6. Permanent outdoor performance space at Hubbard Park.
  7. Planning that includes full analysis of project impacts on existing uses.
  8. Improved parking, transportation and biking plan.
  9. Seating and picnic areas by North Hall to Stanley Hall.
  10. Repair North Hall.
  11. Install crosswalk with lights at Jefferson and Market Streets intersection.
  12. Planning with students, staff and faculty involvement.
  13. Appreciate that this is a 18th Century facility moving into the 21st Century.
  14. Look for more aggressive ways to fund building and renovation projects.
  15. Perimeter parking ramps.
  16. Beautification projects.
  17. Prioritize needs.
  18. Resource infusion for other than required projects.
  19. Signage.
  20. Rethink how people move around the area, bicycles, cars, walkways.
  21. Maintain the decaying buildings.
  22. No parking for visitors or people using this part of the campus.
  23. Do something more exciting with landscape.
  24. Complete East Lawn renovations, move archeology, and applicable FUS staff to East Lawn (centralized service).
  25. Remove stone wall on walkway and plant grass, flowers and trees.
  26. Designate delivery routes to all buildings.
  27. Replace Jefferson Building.
  28. Restore Seashore.
  29. Maintenance on Spence.
  30. Improve landscaping.
  31. Stop signs.
  32. Outdoor seating.
  33. Improved signage.
  34. Tree plan, plant more trees.
  35. Provide visitor parking.
  36. Close streets, make like Cleary Walkway.
  37. Don't separate "physical" aspects of campus planning from scheduling and academic needs.
  38. Encourage user participation in care of facilities.
  39. More parking on Eastside.
  40. Collaborate with city and plan for parking traffic control and expansion.
  41. Vision for expansion and remodeling of buildings.
  42. Handicapped parking additions.
  43. Add outdoor lights.
  44. Better air exchange.
  45. Painting of buildings.
  46. Sidewalk winter maintenance.
  47. Coordination with all entities on planning issues.
  48. Improved handicapped parking at Burge.
  49. Ramp entrance to Student Disability Services Area from lobby.
  50. Campus directories with maps.

Campus View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus?

  1. Old Capitol "Center Piece".
  2. Centralized/compact campus.
  3. Everything within walking distance.
  4. Administration up the hill/compact.
  5. Part of the Downtown area.
  6. Use of greenspace.
  7. River.
  8. Walkways.
  9. University response to individualistic needs of person with disability.
  10. CAMBUS.
  11. Pentacrest.
  12. River as an identifying and orienting element.
  13. Landscaping maintenance.
  14. IMU.
  15. Proximity of residence halls to undergraduate areas.
  16. Art/sculpture around campus.
  17. Distinctive and quality architecture.
  18. Zones of education.
  19. Move to eliminate cars.
  20. Respect for human scale.
  21. Accessibility.
  22. Cleanliness.
  23. Van pooling.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Lack of entry points to campus.
  2. Grid street system on East, spacing/traffic.
  3. Arterial frontage.
  4. Congestion on West Side.
  5. Safety of pedestrians in congested areas.
  6. Not bicycle friendly, no designated area, no system, off campus/on campus.
  7. Perceived lack of communication between town/campus.
  8. Parking.
  9. Campus getting older, requires more upkeep.
  10. Too many vehicles in campus area.
  11. Vehicle pedestrian conflict.
  12. Not enough space around residence halls for recreational.
  13. Discrepancy between new buildings and old. (Pappajohn)
  14. Lack of consistency in accessibility to buildings.
  15. AC not AC.
  16. Darkness of some of the campus areas.
  17. Old buildings too small to accommodate present needs, i.e. docks, some not large enough.
  18. River element not fully developed.
  19. Inadequate number of campus buses.
  20. Shortage of warehouse space.
  21. Lack of staging area for grounds maintenance.
  22. Service vehicle intrusion.
  23. Lack of evacuation policy.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Need to make sure strengths are adequately funded.
  2. Control parking in dock areas.
  3. Improved communication of future planning to "publics" input.
  4. Expand visibility of CAMBUS to increase use.
  5. Walkways where students cross city streets.
  6. Master Plan river edge, north to south.
  7. Prioritize weaknesses.
  8. Pedestrian campus with pickups point for mail, etc.
  9. Seeing Master Plan, prepare people for future.
  10. Hold on to and keep up greenspace.
  11. Implement design of identified entry points.
  12. Staging area for grounds maintenance snow storage, topsoil, mulch.
  13. Nursery temp.
  14. Evaluate service vehicle need use , type quantity.
  15. Prioritize vehicle access, necessary convenient.
  16. Policy to limit delivery vehicles on campus.
  17. Prioritized plan for renovation, maintenance accessibility for structures.

Functional/Immediate Area View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?

  1. Pedestrian oriented.
  2. River view.
  3. Public parking available.
  4. Small area has a lot in it.
  5. Access of river, administration buildings and open space.
  6. Building accessible.
  7. Parking O.K.
  8. Well landscaped.
  9. Greenspace by Van Allen well rehabbed.
  10. Compact, accessible.
  11. CAMBUS.
  12. Libraries connected.
  13. Greenspace on Pentacrest, behind IMU on river, Art building.
  14. Forest near Bowen, Nursing, Quad , Hillcrest.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?
  1. Lack or eating establishments.
  2. Lack of adequate recreation area for dorms.
  3. Lack of storage space for maintenance and equipment.
  4. Traffic.
  5. Lighting of walkways.
  6. Lack of use of river area next to EPB and south.
  7. Lack of office space.
  8. Pollution from corner traffic, noise.
  9. Parking short meters.
  10. Cannot open windows.
  11. Lack of bike paths.
  12. Lighting, blue lights.
  13. Limited off campus CAMBUS.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of this area of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Extend pedestrian mall north to Hancher bridge and incorporate recreation area.
  2. Provide permit and public entrance for each function.
  3. Improved lighting plans for river and EPB.
  4. Plan for minimal office space.
  5. Continual attention to opportunities to eliminate car traffic.
  6. Communicate with city, develop plan to repair sidewalks of Iowa Street.
  7. Iowa Avenue to Pentacrest meters longer.
  8. Longer air conditioner periods.
  9. CAMBUS to off campus.
  10. Blue lights off campus.

Campus View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus?

  1. Close to Downtown and other community areas.
  2. Closeness - everything close.
  3. River.
  4. Older buildings (some-Seashore/Pentacrest).
  5. Feeling of community - East Campus, West Campus near Medical area.
  6. New buildings (some).
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus.
  1. Walkways/bikeways not sufficient or connected in some areas, and in parking lots-to & through.
  2. Access to technology.
  3. Parking and traffic.
  4. Diminishing greenspace.
  5. Circulation of cars, bikes, people.
  6. Architectural mistakes, i.e. Laser and Melrose parking structure.
  7. Lack of gathering places, interior and exterior.
  8. Festivals-Scope of Riverfest (last year Riverfest Organization, MTV style).
  9. Power and water plant.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Improve walkways/bikeways in cooperation with city (through Downtown) (UC Santa Barbara).
  2. Bikeways and Pedestrian ways that are separated. Create bike system that encourages use.
  3. Eliminate autos from campus.
  4. Protected areas for bikes.
  5. Keep up with technology.
  6. Restore Iowa Avenue green median.
  7. Balance need for parking and traffic with new building need for greenspace and pedestrian movement. Pedestrian crossing at EPB and Iowa.

Functional/Immediate Area View

What are the strengths of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?

  1. Communications.
  2. IMU, how beautiful it is.
  3. River and greenspace.
  4. Near arts (Hancher and museums.
  5. Close to IMU, only source of food.
  6. Pentacrest and downtown area.
  7. Nature mixed with density.
  8. IMU, Jessup, Pappajohn and walkway.
What are the weaknesses of The University of Iowa campus area in which you spend most of your time?
  1. Hospitals (west side), traffic flow, parking, waiting for the buses.
  2. EPB and communications (east side).
  3. Walking under the RR Bridge, muddy, dripping, puddles, ice buildup.
  4. Hancher parking lot sprawl and lack of pathways from lot to Alumni Center, or pathways often "mucky".
  5. Lack of bike accommodations.
  6. Cars and traffic problems.
  7. Bike and pedestrian conflicts.
  8. Sidewalks are inadequate to amounts of pedestrians.
What needs to be done to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of this area of The University of Iowa campus?
  1. Keep river area safe from extensive development.
  2. Bike system connecting east and west, main artery over river, through to hospital area from Pentacrest.
  3. Fix the bridge area between library and EDB.
  4. Improved paths and upkeep.
  5. More landscape to Hancher lot.
  6. IMU, second walkway.
  7. Make Jefferson a bus terminal, like on Washington.

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