Campus Planning Framework
      Manual (includes maps)

   Bicycle Route Recommendations
   Campus Boundary
   Campus Entrances
   Campus Entrances;
      Far West Campus
   Campus Functional Areas
   Campus Functional Areas;
      Far West Campus
   East, West, and Far West
      Campus Areas
   Existing Buildings & Campus
      Street System
   Existing Major Parking Areas
   Existing Parking Areas;
      Far West Campus
   Far West Campus Streets
   Hawkins Drive Improvement
   Lighting Framework Plan
   Major Open Spaces
   Major Open Spaces;
      Far West Campus
   Major Pedestrian Links
   Major Pedestrian Links;
      Far West Campus
   Oakdale Campus Area
   Oakdale, Far West, West, &
      East Campus Vacinity Map
   Prairie Remnants In The
      Vacinity of Hawkins Drive
   Proposed Building Sites
   Proposed Building Sites &
   Small Area Master Plans
      Completed Since 1990
   Urban Forest Master Plan - Plant
   Urban Forest Master Plan - Street
      Trees & Other Elements
   Vistas & Overlooks

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