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This site has been broken down into four main areas of information; the CPF Document, Framework Planning Maps, PDF documents, and information and links concerning the plugins that are required to view the maps and other documents available to the user.

The main source of information is the Campus Planning Framework document. This is the main focus of the site and all of the information that is printed in the CPF Manual distributed by Campus Planning can be found here.

We have also created a seperate area for all of the maps that are included with the CPF manual. Using a plugin you will be able to move over the maps quickly and easily as well as zoom in and out giving your browser the ability to view the maps with great accuracy.

In addition to viewing the maps with your web browser we have also converted all of the maps to PDF files. This gives you the option of viewing the maps using Acrobat Reader as well as printing them at their original dimensions.

To help explain the plugins that are needed to view this site there is a Downloads section that explains how each plugin works, what they can be used for, and where they can be obtained. Both plugins are free and require a simple, one-time setup process. For more information, please refer to the Downloads section.

Last Updated: Monday, February 1, 1999
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