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Sexual Harassment

In 1993 CSW published the results of a 1992 survey about sexual harassment. That survey was conducted, in part, to establish a baseline of the incidence and prevalence of sexual harassment on campus. In 2003 CSW was asked to conduct another survey relating to sexual harassment and unwelcome behavior, again of the entire campus, which it did in 2004. The report was published in 2005.

In 2012, CSW conducted a survey of undergraduates, which it published in 2013. This survey followed up the 2005 survey.

The Unwelcome Behavior committee continues to work to ensure that the recommendations of the 2013 survey are being addressed.

All reports are in PDF format.



Undergraduate Sexual Misconduct at the University of Iowa, Results of a Campus-Wide Undergraduate Study, June 2013


Sexual Harassment and Unwelcomed Behavior at the University of Iowa, December 2005

Executive summary of 2004 Sexual Harassment Survey

News release about 2004 Sexual Harassment Survey


Sexual Harassment at the University of Iowa, October 1993