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Personal Bio Samples

If you're having difficulty thinking about what to write in your personal bio statement you might find the following examples of actual student bios from prior law school classes a useful stimulus to your muse. The word "BLANK" has been substituted throughout for names of persons or cities or other information that might reveal the identity of the author, as these bio statements are intended only for, and provided in hard copy only to, the students in any given class or seminar. These two samples are otherwise unedited. Although both read well (even better without the BLANKs!), they were actually chosen at random from among dozens from past years. -- N.J., August 20, 2009.

BLANK (name)
Personal Bio

I grew up in BLANK (town) (population: BLANK (small town), where a BLANK (large)-foot ear of corn built around an old grain augur stands at the city limits to remind any unsuspecting visitors that they are, indeed, in the heartland. My parents, as well as most of my relatives, are teachers, which makes my foray into the law something of a novelty for my family. For a small Iowa town, BLANK (town) has quite a bit of spunk: it’s a safe bet that our local BLANK (name) Museum is the only place on the planet where you can find both BLANK (object) and the BLANK (object) built entirely out of BLANK (material). As further evidence of the pervasiveness of electronic media, even my hometown has a website: BLANK (Website URL).

I enrolled at the University of Iowa in BLANK (year) for my undergraduate in BLANK (major). I spent a couple years in the BLANK (instrument) section of the BLANK (music group), learning the sorrows of BLANK (practice) and the joys of BLANK (performance). As an undergrad, I worked as a BLANK (job) for the BLANK (employer) and a few BLANK (employers) in and around my hometown. I spent two years before law school as a BLANK (job; office) of the BLANK (employer), BLANK (description of work). Going to law school had always been in the back of my mind, and I finally headed across the river to enroll in the fall of BLANK (year).

During my BLANK (law school summer), I worked at the BLANK (employer; division), where I developed a fascination with BLANK (legal subject) that led me to write BLANK (publication) Iowa’s BLANK (laws on this subject). This past summer, I worked in the BLANK (city) office of BLANK (law firm), and have accepted an offer to return as an associate after graduation, likely in the BLANK (law firm group). I’m interested in a BLANK (type of law practice), perhaps in BLANK (subject; specialty). As a BLANK (year in law school), I spend most of my life communing with the Bluebook as a BLANK (type of) editor for BLANK (one of the school's publications).

In the rare hours when I’m not at BLB, I enjoy running, live music, reading, baking, and riding the emotional rollercoaster that is life as fan of BLANK (a city's sports teams). Indeed, my BLANK (a relative) sold his dairy farm in BLANK (area of a state) for the sole purpose of moving to BLANK (that city to attend those teams' games); the curse of fandom is in my blood. Professional sports teams aside, I’m very excited about moving back to BLANK (city) next year — I love the BLANK (activity)  scene and proximity to BLANK (form of recreation), and it’s also nice to know that this “double Hawkeye” won’t be too far from BLANK (a location).


BLANK (Name)

BLANK (Name) was born on BLANK (date), to BLANK (Name).  As a youth, young BLANK (Name) moved from his hometown of BLANK (place), where BLANK (person) became his second grade teacher.  Doomed to a year of practicing handwriting and multiplication into long hours of the night, BLANK (Name) finally moved on to grades beyond the watchful eye of BLANK (person).  But alas, his freedom was short lived…

 When BLANK (Name) moved on to sixth grade – a time notoriously awkward for developing adolescents – fate intervened and made BLANK (Name) his principal.  Again, the stars were perfectly aligned for BLANK (Name).  After all, what young man wouldn’t want to be the BLANK (nickname) – a nickname that, despite its lack of imagination, stuck… And so, BLANK (Name) began middle school.  It was during these important developmental years that BLANK (Name) discovered his true desires in life, though he did not know what profession would best suit his needs.  All BLANK (Name) knew was that he wanted to work a minimum of seventy hours a week in a job that requires reading material that is unnecessarily wordy, periodically interspersed with Latin, and often irrelevant to any situation that could possibly occur outside of a hypothetical.  What that job might be he had not yet discovered, but he kept a watchful eye out for any possibilities.

 Armed with little more than this dream, a dream we all share, BLANK (Name) went to BLANK (college) where he studied BLANK (college majors) as an undergraduate.  Thanks to the course selection that these fields offered, BLANK (Name) felt wholly prepared to enter the workforce (so long as the workforce was a trivia competition and not a “real” job).  Fortunately, BLANK (Name) decided not to pursue a career on the Jeopardy circuit, but instead enrolled in the University of Iowa Law School.  Why would an BLANK (person from that state) move to Iowa, you ask?  “Why not?”, he would answer.

 Early in his first year, most likely during the third or fourth week of discussing the legal intricacies surrounding the capture of wild foxes in Colonial America (Pierson v. Post), BLANK (Name) discovered what he had always been looking for.  Phrases like “ferae naturae” and “trespass quare clausum fregit” stirred his imagination, and ignited the fire within his soul.  Indeed, BLANK (Name) had finally found a career path that would suit his professional interests.  So fitting was this career that even the name of the degree to make it possible, “Juris Doctorate”, was unnecessarily in Latin.  Law school seemed like the perfect match…

 BLANK (Name) motivation to attend law school stems from his interest in international law, particularly regarding the need to promote human rights.  Consistent with his dual aims of (1) seeing the world and (2) not getting a real job, BLANK (Name) studied abroad during his BLANK (a law school year) summer, visiting BLANK (countries).  The best part about flying around the world:  if you keep flying west, you gain an entire day of life.

 Now one day younger and equipped with BLANK (number) semesters of legal knowledge, BLANK (Name) is in his BLANK (number) year at the University of Iowa.  Though the path of BLANK (Name) life remains clouded by the mysterious mist of the future, of one thing he is sure:  no matter what his priorities in life may become, his second will always be the media.