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Wendell Johnson honored

on Web site created by son

Wendell Johnson, one of the University of Iowa's most prominent pioneering researchers, is being remembered in the most cutting-edge of today's media: an Internet site created by his son, Nicholas.

The launch on the World Wide Web of the "Memorial Home Page" for Wendell Johnson, one of the founders of the field of speech pathology, coincides with Johnson's birthday Wednesday, April 16. Johnson, who died in 1965, would have been 91 years old.

The page contains biographical and bibliographical information about Johnson as well as selections from, and in certain cases, complete texts of, several of his books, including some that have long been out of print. The collection includes Johnson's master's thesis, which was published in 1930 under the title, Because I Stutter.

Links to relevant organizations, such as American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, are also included. Johnson was a founder of the organization's forerunner, the American Speech and Hearing Association.

Nicholas Johnson, a former member of the Federal Communications Commission and a UI law professor since 1981, says the site is designed for people who want to research his father's work or who simply want to know more about his father's life.

Where: The page's Internet address is:

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