DCN Assists UI Departments

Many universities do not consider the career needs of an accompanying partner when recruiting; therefore, partnering with the Dual Career Network (DCN) may give you a competitive edge in recruiting faculty or hiring staff.  DCN clients frequently comment about how innovative The University of Iowa is to provide job search resources to the accompanying partner. 


Here are some basic points to remember as you begin your recruitment effort:

Recruiting Tips:

  • Include the DCN brochure in all recruiting packets to encourage discussion of the accompanying partner hiring needs as early as possible in the recruitment process.  For brochures, call 319.335.3242
  • Contact the DCN program director, Garry Klein at 319.335.3242 (garry-klein@uiowa.edu) when an accompanying partner employment need is indicated.  Provide as much information as possible and forward a curriculum vitae or resume if you have one.  Do not leave the issue of employment of the accompanying partner until the last minute.  Advise DCN staff of where you’ve already circulated the c.v./resume.
  • Arrange a meeting (when possible) of the accompanying partner with the DCN when arranging a visit to The University of Iowa campus for the recruit.   Make arrangements in advance to ensure the time slot you require is available.  You may also suggest the accompanying partner make contact directly with the DCN. 
  • DCN staff will consult with the accompanying partner to determine employment needs, assist with a resume/c.v. review if needed, offer invaluable job leads and sources for job openings, and provide ongoing support until employment is secured, or for up to one year.
  • Keep in contact with DCN staff as to the accompanying partner’s job search progress. Periodic check-in is strongly encouraged.  Keep DCN staff apprised of the success or failure or your recruiting efforts.  Understand it is often difficult to synchronize your recruiting efforts/deadlines with acquisition of employment for the accompanying partner.
  • Contact the Office of the Provost, Tom Rice, Associate Provost for Faculty (319.335.0256), for accompanying partners seeking tenure-track or clinical positions at The University of Iowa.  
  • For partners seeking non tenure-track academic positions, you will work through the DCN.  The DCN maintains strong working relationships with area colleges to remain knowledgeable of other open faculty positions.  These colleges include Coe College, Mt. Mercy University and Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids; Cornell College in Mt. Vernon; and Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa.
  • The DCN works with departments across campus and a community network of over 500 employers in the Corridor area to assist in finding employment opportunities for partners seeking non-academic positions.
  • DCN clientele is typically comprised of a high percentage of women and minorities and may therefore be a valuable resource in fulfilling your diversity initiatives. 


Marketing the DCN to your recruits:

Established in 1994, The University of Iowa’s Dual Career Network, is a national leader in responding to the employment needs of the accompanying partner of a new faculty or staff member, and has assisted over 60 universities in establishing similar programs. 

DCN staff are Career Counselors/Coaches and have successfully guided hundreds of people through their career search process.

The DCN works with all departments across the University and over 500 local businesses to assist in finding employment openings.  Area employers and University departments frequently contact the DCN with open positions prior to advertising externally. 

The DCN has assisted professionals in all areas; from IT professionals and medical personnel to writers, engineers, teachers and professionals in academic areas.