Dual Career Network Staff


Garry Klein, M.S. (319-335-3242)

Career Consultant/Program Director

Garry has a background in employment/career research, counseling/advising, and management to empower people in a community, workforce, or career development capacity. He is skilled at interacting with individuals to assist them in making life-changing and life-affirming choices and uses
creativity and an eclectic approach in career coaching.

Summary of Experience
 17 years of business marketing and service administration and leadership
 8 years of career counseling
 6 years of job placement-related activities

 3 years of career education and instruction of a Job Search Strategies Course at UI

Garry holds a Masters of Science degree from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in Educational Psychology


Jim Seyfer, M.A. (319-335-1369)

 Career Consultant

Jim has a background in career exploration and job search advising.  He is dedicated to providing people with the resources and tools they need to reach their career goals.

Summary of Experience

-20 years of higher education career advising

-8 years of Federal government service

-4 years of private sector sales experience

-7 years as instructor of a career exploration course at UI

Jim holds a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Iowa in Counselor Education










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