What People Are Saying About the DCN



The Dual Career Network equation:

 Professional advice + Market knowledge/savvy

+ Moral support = Successful job search.”


This is really a great service that helped me to feel like the atmosphere at the University would be friendly, hospitable and helpful.  (It) made accepting the position in Medicine easier.  This should be kept and funded well.”


“I am very grateful for The Dual Career Network’s assistance.  In my opinion, this office plays an important role in the recruitment/retention of UI staff!”


“It is well known that spousal employment is one of the most serious obstacles in the faculty recruitment process everywhere in the United States.  My husband could not accept his offer as a faculty member at the University of Iowa until he knew that I would also have a job.  My job search started with my husband’s interview, where his future colleagues mentioned the Dual Career Network.  (The program) provided me with important contact names in my field.  The result is that both my husband and I are working for the University of Iowa.  The Dual Career Network is doing an outstanding job for the University’s employees and their families.”


“Being from out of state, I did not know which companies would be good to contact, who to call and where to go without doing a lot of exploration.  The Dual Career Network helped to quicken the job hunt.”


“The DCN was instrumental in providing me with job leads.  But it goes beyond that.  A newcomer to the area will have no ability to learn of the history, politics, and personalities involved with any job opportunity.  By working closely with the program, (my coach) gave me information that helped me prepare for interviews.  It was priceless.  Moving for your spouses’ job is a difficult situation for those of us who have had successful and satisfying careers in other towns.  The efforts of the Dual Career Network help ease that transition and are extremely valuable in the recruiting process.”


“Thank you so much!   I really attribute a large portion of my success to the resources offered by the Dual Career Network…the service was so comprehensive.”


“I appreciated the services provided by the Dual Career Network and their great effort in helping me find a job.  I especially appreciate the help in working with me on my resume.  (This is) a great resource that’s plugged into the community.”


“(The DCN) is a wonderful service especially for those moving to the area.  It is nice to have that extra support in a stressful situation.  The assistance with the resume critiquing was awesome and very helpful.”


“When my husband was offered a position on the faculty at UI, the existence of the Dual Career Network as a resource was a critical factor in our decision to come to Iowa.  Certainly, my own decision to leave a job that was personally and financially rewarding for the unknown was made easier by the fact that the University offered a program such as the DCN.  I worked closely with the (staff), and I believe the DCN was integral to my success in finding a job.  The (staff) were instrumental in helping me better understand the local job market and, ultimately, landing a terrific job to which I am perfectly suited.”


“With two people in this office, at least one was always available, especially at the crucial stage of obtaining an offer.  My coach did a good job of helping me define my career needs and pointed out a variety of job openings to me.  She was fantastic at working with me to improve my resume and at walking me through the delicate stage of negotiating pay after I received an initial offer.” 


“I greatly appreciate all of your dedication.  At times, you believed in me more than I did.”