User Profiles

Selected Acrobat forms include a button called "Import Profile". This button is used to supply user defaults (a user profile) into these forms. There is also a web-based application that will assist you in creating this profile. The user profile is simply a text file that must be written in a specific manner in order to be used by the Acrobat forms.

Setting up and Using a Single Profile

  1. Enter your defaults using the web form. The Acrobat forms support only the default fields specified on this form.
  2. The instuctions for using the profile are listed at the bottom of the web form.

Setting up and using Multiple Profiles

  1. Make a new directory on a local or network drive to store the profiles you create in. Make multiple profiles, each with different default data, using the procedure outlined in Step 1 above. When prompted to save the file, give each one a descriptive name (be sure it has a .fdf extension!) and save them in the directory you created.
  2. Open the form in a browser window or by using your Acrobat product. When you click on the "Import Profile" button you will be told that the "default.fdf" file could not be found and asked if you would like to browse for it. Click Yes.
  3. Use the "Select File Containing Form Data" dialog box to navigate through your local and network drives and find the directory you created in Step 1. Click on the profile you want to use for the form you are working on and click the Select button. Your form will be populated with the default data contained in the profile you selected.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to supply different default data to all of your forms. New profiles can be added at any time by following Step 1.

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