Past Events

EPXCON Animation & Gaming Conference 2014

Date: April 11 & 12

Location: University of Iowa Art Building West, Iowa City, IA

Time: April 11(5-8pm), April 12(10-9pm)

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EPX Arena IV: LOL, Brawl, and video games or something

Date: TBA

Location: University of Iowa Library Learning Commons

Time: 12PM-9PM

For certainly certain the following games will be tournamentized:

1. League of Legends (lol)

2. Super Smash Brothers BRAWL

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Epx Arena III

It was also cool and stuff.

EPX Arena II

It was cool and stuff.

EPX Arena I (IC Video Game Tournament!)

Thanks to everyone that attended the tournmanent. It seems like everyone had a blast! Because of the big turnout and everyones help and support, we expect to have an even bigger tournament next time and will take everyones comments into consideration. Things will only get better from here.

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Photos from EPX Arena I

EPX Charity Game Tournament

For those of you who missed out, we featured N64 Super Smash Bros. and League of Legends for the tournament and tons of free pizza and beverage this past weekend. On top of that, we raised $267.25 for Child's Play to donate toys and games to the The University of Iowa Children's Hospital.

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Photos from Charity Tournament