Current Projects

the Library Project

The Iowa City Public Library has asked us to make some video games for kids for a sweet 55" multi-touch tablet. Its so nice of them to give us such an opportunity. I can't wait to see what's going to happen. If I were you I would check the blog every once and a while and watch this project unfold. I'm excited.


A two player fighting game. You are a marshmellow. You smoosh the other marshmellow. A mix of smashBros brawling and divekick simplicity have spawned this... thing. Made by Nathan Gartin, Nick Shoomaker, and Chris Boswell, with much help by Ryan Holtkamp. Check out the prototype.

Dinosaur Dungeon: Wrath of the Dinosaurs.

A puzzle/action game where you try to pile blocks to get the key and avoid the dinosaurs, made by Paul Yon and Jared Jewell and some other people I think. Prototype to be uploaded in the futures.

Something about Red Riding hood

A Game Jam project with red hiding hood and she can pick lots of interesting items and kill or avoid drunk people. Prototype will soon arrive, or maybe at the end of time.

Rune Scape 2

We are finishing up a sequel to RuneScape. It will include improved PvP, but not too many changes really because its such a great game as is.