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Welcome to the University of Iowa Math Placement Exam through ALEKS.

What Does ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning include?

ALEKS consists of three parts:

  • An initial placement exam
  • Access to four additional exams
  • A six-months self-paced review module

How should I use ALEKS?

  • ALEKS opens on May 1st and you should take the exam as soon as possible.  ALEKS can be taken wherever you have internet access.
  • After your initial exam, check the course placement table to see the courses in which you are eligible to enroll.  You cannot enroll in a course above your placement score.  If you’ve scored where you think you should, you’re set to enroll.  However, even though you have the score you need, you may find it useful to use the ALEKS Learning Module to review areas where your skills are weak.  UI math courses are challenging and you are expected to have a thorough knowledge of prerequisite materials.  The ALEKS Learning Module can help you review for your courses.

  • If you didn’t score where you think you should, you can retake the exam up to four additional times.  It is strongly recommended you not retest until you have used the ALEKS Learning Module to brush up on materials you may have forgotten.  Once you have opened the Learning Module, you will have access for six-months.

Check out the FAQ before you start your exam to be sure you understand how ALEKS works.

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