Preparation guide for exam printing

Test originals

Print test originals on 8.5x11 - inch white paper with standard margins. 



Guidelines for submitting copyrighted material can be found at:  Copyright Permission Service.


Multiple test forms

Scrambled forms of a test can be created by moving intact test items. The EES scoring program limits the number of forms to four.


Cover page

The Exam Service requires a cover page to be included with tests using scannable answer sheets.  Select the cover page you wish to use, download it, edit the information in the box above the instructions, and print a copy to submit with your test originals.  If you have created different forms of your test, be sure to print a cover sheet for each form.  Cover Pages


Exam Printing Order Form

An Exam Printing Order Form must be submitted with each test duplication order.  It gives the Copy Center staff the information it needs to produce your job.  Order Form


Answer sheets

You may request answer sheets from the Exam Service or, in some cases, your department or college.  If you want to have full-size answer sheets inserted into each test book, you must include them with your originals when you place your order at the Copy Center.  You do not need to include half-size answer sheets with duplication requests.  Answer Sheets



The Copy Centers must have three full working days to complete an order to print exams, for orders placed before the final exam period.  Starting the week prior to finals, the turnaround time extends to five days.  Finals Schedule


Copy Center Locations

Contact a Copy Center operator for more information or to place an order.

180 Boyd Law Bldg.
fax 335-9984 dcblb-printing@uiowa.edu
C102 Pappajohn Business Bldg.
335-0861 fax 353-2733 dcpbb-printing@uiowa.edu




If your department or college has a central delivery service for tests, check the appropriate box on the Exam Printing Order Form.



Exam printing may be billed to a departmental M-number (Copy Centers' standing account).  Your departmental administrator can provide this number or establish a new one with the Printing Department's accounting office.



















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