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Global Items Course Content, Objectives, and Structure Instructor
Communication Skills Instructional Methods and Materials Outcomes of Instruction
Diversity Lab Courses and Sections Clinical Courses
Production Courses Universal Design Student Core


Global Items
101. This course is well planned and organized.
102. The content of this course is valuable.
103. This is a worthwhile course.
104. Overall, this is an excellent course.
105. I learned more in this course than in most other college courses I have taken.
106. I learned a lot in this class.
107. I am motivated to do my best work in this course.
108. This instructor is effective in teaching the subject matter of this course.
109. Overall, this instructor is an effective teacher.
110. This instructor is an excellent teacher.
111. I would recommend a course taught by this instructor to other students.
Course Content, Objectives, and Structure
201. Class time is used efficiently.
202. There is continuity from one class to the next.
203. Course requirements are clear.
204. Course objectives are helpful in organizing my studying.
205. Course objectives represent outcomes which I can achieve in the time allotted.
206. Course objectives are adequately detailed.
207. This course is organized well.
208. Course goals are clear to me.
209. The pace of this course is appropriate.
210. This course requires an appropriate amount of work for the credit earned.
211. The sequence of course content facilitates my learning.
212. Course content is interesting to me.
213. Presentations are interesting and challenging.
214. Lectures are consistent with the subject matter in the course outline.
215. This course is intellectually stimulating.
216. Course difficulty is appropriate for my background.
217. Prerequisite course work adequately prepared me to handle assignments in this course.
218. Concepts are presented in a manner that helps me learn.
219. General concepts and ideas are stressed.
220. Facts and concepts from related fields are presented.
221. I am encouraged to apply new knowledge and skills.
222. I am encouraged to apply knowledge and skills in new situations.
223. I am encouraged to learn on my own.
224. This course emphasizes problem solving.
225. Problem solving rather than solutions is emphasized in this course.
226. Ideas rather than facts are emphasized in this course.
227. I am challenged to do original creative work.
228. Discussions raise interesting new ideas.
229. A good mix of lecture and discussion occurs in this class.
230. Difficult concepts are explained in a helpful way.
231. Practical applications of course material are discussed.
232. Course content clarifies techniques I am expected to develop.
233. Adequate time for questions is provided.
234. Classes are worth attending.
301. This instructor is prepared for each class.
302. Class presentations are organized.
303. This instructor is conscientious about his/her class attendance.
304. This instructor responds respectfully to student questions and viewpoints.
305. This instructor invites criticism of his/her own ideas.
306. It is clear what this instructor considers important.
307. This instructor is receptive to ideas or viewpoints differing from his/her own.
308. This instructor creates an atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged freely and easily.
309. Class discussions are helpful to my learning.
310. I am encouraged to participate in class discussion.
311. This instructor discusses points of view other than his/her own.
312. Recent developments in the field are discussed.
313. This instructor focuses discussions to raise interesting new ideas.
314. Important points are clarified with good examples.
315. Course material is presented enthusiastically.
316. The instructor seems interested in teaching this course.
317. Student questions are encouraged.
318. Questions are answered clearly and concisely.
319. Material is summarized in a manner that helps me learn.
320. Sufficient detail is given to make generalizations meaningful.
321. Major points are summarized.
322. This instructor communicates at a level appropriate to my understanding.
323. This instructor seems concerned with whether I learn course content.
324. This instructor seems aware of my needs, abilities, and interests.
325. Students are encouraged to see the instructor if they are having difficulty.
326. Help is available outside class if I have questions.
327. This instructor is available during office hours.
328. This instructor provides the techniques and information necessary for understanding course material.
329. This instructor responds to comments in an appropriate manner.
330. This instructor is good at facilitating group discussion.
331. My work is evaluated in ways that are helpful to my learning.
332. The instructor is available outside of class for extra help.
333. The instructor challenges me to think.
Communication Skills
401. This instructor speaks clearly
402. This instructor communicates well.
403. This instructor speaks clearly and audibly.
404. This instructor presents materials clearly.
405. This instructor is easy to understand.
406. This instructor´s oral communication skills are adequate for the course.
407. This instructor is effective in presenting materials in lecture/discussion.
408. This instructor understands my questions and comments.
409. This instructor is competent in the language of instruction.
410. This instructor´s facility with the language of instruction is good.
Instructional Methods and Materials
501. The grading criteria for this course is clearly defined.
502. Grades are based on a fair weighting of the required course activities.
503. Grading in this course is fair.
504. Grades are an impartial assessment of my performance.
505. I know what improvement is needed from feedback on tests/assignments.
506. Assignments are clear.
507. Assignments contribute to my learning.
508. Assignments and expectations on work outside class are clear.
509. Assignments are pertinent to topics presented in class.
510. Assigned readings are pertinent to topics presented in class.
511. The assigned readings are helpful to my understanding of the class.
512. Assignments are well spaced throughout the course.
513. Course assignments help me learn on my own.
514. Class discussion is a valuable part of this class.
515. The textbook is helpful for my understanding of the course.
516. Course materials are a helpful guide to key concepts covered during class time.
517. Exams reflect what is emphasized in class.
518. Exams allow me to adequately demonstrate what I have learned.
519. Exams require me to do more than recall facts.
520. Exams cover material on which I expect to be tested.
521. Exams stress my ability to apply knowledge in new situations.
522. Exams require a synthesis of various parts of the course.
523. Adequate time is allowed for exams.
524. Exams are reasonable in length.
525. Exams are reasonable in difficulty.
526. Test items are adequately explained after an exam.
527. Appropriate steps are taken to prevent cheating.
528. Required course activities involve more than simple recall of facts.
529. Required course activities are important to my learning.
530. Required course activities are consistent with course objectives.
531. Required course activities provide a fair evaluation of my learning.
532. Computer assignments are a valuable part of this course.
533. Computer-assisted instruction increased my understanding of course content.
534. Computer access is adequate for this course.
535. The computer-based learning materials in this class are useful.
536. Computer-based learning materials available outside class are useful.
537. Computer presentations are a valuable part of this class.
538. The course web page was a valuable resource.
539. The documentation for computer assignments is clearly written.
540. Visual aids (overheads/slides/films/blackboard) are clear and easily understood.
541. Visual aids (overheads/slides/films/blackboard) are a valuable part of this class.
542. Audio presentations were a valuable part of this class.
543. Assigned homework reinforced material presented in class.
544. Graded homework assignments were returned promptly.
545. Enough time was allotted for programming projects.
546. Programming projects clarified material presented in class.
547. Handouts help my understanding of the course.
548. Small group discussions are a valuable part of this course.
549. Cheating is a problem on exams in this course.
550. The physical environment of the classroom was conducive to my learning.
Outcomes of Instruction
601. My critical thinking skills have improved because of this class.
602. My problem solving abilities have improved because of this class.
603. This course has improved my oral communication skills.
604. Oral presentations have helped me develop my communication skills.
605. This course has improved my writing skills.
606. This course has improved my ability to read critically.
607. My ability to critically analyze written material has improved.
608. This course has helped me become more receptive to other points of view.
609. I have learned new ways to think about the issues dealt with in this course.
610. I have learned to understand my strengths and weaknesses in this area.
611. I have learned to see relationships among important topics and ideas.
612. I have had an opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge and/or understanding.
613. I have learned new ways to evaluate problems.
614. I have acquired a basic understanding of the subject area of this course.
615. I have developed a clear understanding of the moral and/or ethical issues in this area.
616. This instructor has helped me develop confidence in my own abilities.
617. I have been motivated to do additional work in this area.
618. I have been motivated to study a topic from this course on my own initiative.
619. I have been motivated to do additional reading in this area.
620. I have been motivated to discuss new ideas outside of class.
621. I have been motivated to do work beyond the minimum requirements.
622. This instructor has helped me feel confident in expressing new ideas.
623. I have been encouraged to think for myself.
624. This course is so interesting that I would like to take another class in this area.
625. I have become a more creative and skillful person because of this course.
626. I have developed a greater appreciation for this subject.
701. This course has broadened my understanding of people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
702. This instructor takes into consideration ethnic and cultural differences in teaching this course.
703. This instructor encourages mutual respect among students of diverse backgrounds.
704. This instructor is receptive to questions and discussion concerning multiculturalism and ethnicity.
705. This instructor is receptive to questions and discussion concerning gender issues.
706. This instructor is receptive to questions and discussion concerning different lifestyles.
707. This instructor is fair and unbiased in the treatment of all students in this course.
708. This instructor teaches from an unbiased racial/ethnic perspective.
709. This instructor treats students fairly regardless of their ethnic or cultural views.
710. This instructor encourages discussion of racial, ethnic, and gender issues in the class.
711. The instructor´s direction in this course is free from attitudes and actions demeaning to women.
712. The instructor´s direction in this course is free from attitudes and actions demeaning to minorities.
713. The instructor´s direction in this course is free from attitudes/actions demeaning to women and minorities.
714. The instructor´s direction in this course if free from attitudes and actions demeaning to men.
715. The instructor´s direction in this course is free from attitudes/actions demeaning to men and minorities.
Lab Courses and Sections
801. This instructor almost always speaks to me individually about experiments in progress.
802. This instructor is able to explain the procedures involved in the experiments.
803. Lab time is scheduled so that experiments can be finished.
804. I am able to complete the lab activities in the time allotted.
805. Safety regulations (safety glasses, no eating in lab, etc.) are strictly enforced.
806. This instructor is able to answer my questions about what I should be doing in the lab.
807. My lab reports are graded fairly.
808. My lab reports are returned in a reasonable amount of time.
809. Lab techniques I am expected to develop are clearly demonstrated.
810. Expectations about specific lab procedures are clearly stated in advance.
811. Lab experiences clarify the lecture material.
812. Organization of the lab activities assists me in learning.
813. Lab experiences assist me in learning concepts.
814. I would recommend this lab instructor to a friend planning to take this course.
844. Prelab lectures are helpful in my understanding of the laboratory experiments.
845. The teaching assistant(s) were helpful to me in the laboratory.
846. The oral communication skills of the teaching assistant(s) are adequate for this lab.
Clinical Courses
815. Specific problems with my clinical technique are identified by this instructor.
816. Prescribed criteria is used in evaluating my performance.
817. I receive constructive criticism of written reports.
818. This instructor clearly demonstrates the clinical techniques I am expected to develop.
819. This instructor helps me correct problems in my clinical technique.
820. Frequent feedback on my performance is provided.
821. Timely feedback on the adequacy of specific skills is provided.
822. Both appropriate and inappropriate clinical behaviors are clearly identified.
823. An adequate amount of observation and supervision is provided.
824. Considering client availability, required clinical experiences are realistic.
825. Client availability is adequate to achieve course objectives.
826. I am given responsibility for patients commensurate with my abilities.
827. Clinical cases provide an adequate breadth of experience.
828. Prior course work adequately prepared me to handle clinical tasks.
829. Group meetings are helpful in increasing my knowledge and skills.
830. I have improved my ability to present and discuss case problems effectively and concisely.
831. Clinical experiences illustrate guidelines for ethical and professional behavior.
Production Courses
832. The demands made upon my talents are exciting and challenging.
833. My individual artistic gifts have developed because of this course.
834. Time spent in rehearsal is well used.
835. Rehearsal time is used effectively.
836. Performance requirements represent outcomes which I can achieve in the time allotted.
837. Performances provide me an opportunity to demonstrate my learning.
838. Rehearsal experiences will be helpful to me in my future profession.
839. The conductor helps me feel confident in performing music new to me.
840. Directions given by the conductor in rehearsal are presented clearly.
841. This instructor attempts to relate my present learning to work in my future profession.
842. This instructor values my creativity and/or originality.
843. There is an appropriate balance between artistic philosophy and craft taught in this course.
Universal Design
951. The instructor established and maintained a respectful and welcoming learning environment from the first day of class.
952. The instructor mentioned or provided information about accommodations for students with disabilities during or before the first class period.
953. The instructor effectively used multiple teaching strategies (e.g. lecture, discussion, video, small group exercise, problem-based learning, etc.).
954. The physical classroom was accessible to me.
955. Required fieldwork sites outside of the primary classroom were physically accessible to me.
956. I could clearly see and hear all class presentations and discussions.
957. I was able to effectively access all of the course material (books, additional readings, class notes, PowerPoint slides, etc.).
958. I was able to use, navigate and retrieve materials from the course website without any difficulty.
959. The course syllabus and materials were made available in formats that were easy to access, read, and understand.
960. The syllabus clearly explained class expectations, schedules, assignments and instructor contact information from the first day of class.
961. The instructor provided timely, clear, and accurate feedback.
962. The instructor adapted teaching methods and materials to address my individual learning style and abilities.
963. The instructor supplied copies of class notes, PowerPoint slides, and/or outlines of lectures on a regular basis or upon request.
Student Core
The student core is automatically printed on the back of ACE answer sheets (for instructors selecting this option) as a block of six items. Results from the student core are given to the University of Iowa Student Government to distributed on campus.
210. This course requires an appropriate amount of work for the credit earned.
901. This instructor increased my interest in the course material.
902. This instructor clearly communicated class material.
903. Exams in this course were fair.
904. The syllabus was an accurate guide to course requirements.
104. Overall, this is an excellent course.

















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