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Welcome to the University of Iowa World Language Placement tests in French, Spanish, and German. The UI offers WebCAPE tests that were developed by the Humanities Research Center at Brigham Young University. These tests are designed to help you decide in which course to continue your language study.

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Who should take a World Languages Placement Test (WLPT)?

  • If you completed four years of the same world language in high school, you do not need to take the WLPT unless you plan to continue studying the same language at The University of Iowa.

  • If you completed fewer than four years of the same world language in high school, refer to the General Education Program requirements for your major. You will need to take the WLPT if your high school course work does not satisfy the General Education Program World Language requirement for your major.

  • If you are an open major and completed fewer than four years of the same world language in high school, you should take the WLPT.

The test results will help you and your advisor determine the best level for your first enrollment in a language course.

Placement factors considered (in addition to your WLPT score) include how long you have studied the language; strength of instruction; grades earned; experience abroad or with native speakers; and length of time since the language was studied.

Test Description and Guidelines

  • The tests are multiple-choice and cover grammar, reading, and vocabulary.  The tests are adaptive, meaning the question difficulty will vary depending on how you respond.  You will not be able to review an item once you have submitted your answer.

  • Complete the test in one sitting.  There is no time limit but you should set aside a minimum of one hour.
  • You may not use books, notes or any other resource materials.

Scoring and Placement

Your score will appear at the end of your test.  Save the score page to a file to print a copy.  If you do not see a score, login again and click on resume to complete your test.

Click on the appropriate link to view placement information:

French Placement Information

Spanish Placement Information

German Placement Information


Contact Information

If you are having difficulty accessing a test contact the Exam Service at:

If you have questions related to course placement, contact the Academic Advising Center at:

Beginning a Test Session

When you are ready to test, click on a language below.  You will be taken to a UI login page and asked to enter your HawkID and password.  The test will begin immediately after you login.  Do not login until you are ready to complete the entire test.

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