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22M:017 Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business     

Successful completion of this course is required for entrance into the Tippe College of Business. It covers quantitative methods for treating problems arising in management, economics, and related areas. After a brief review of algebra, it gives an introduction to differential and integral calculus. Some of the calculus topics covered are rules for computing the derivative, finding rate of change, marginal analysis, graphing functions using calculus, the indefinite and definite integral, integration techniques, finding the area between curves and volume, exponential growth and decay and logarithms. The course ends with about three weeks of matrix algebra which includes operations with matrices including inverses, using Gaussian elimination and matrix inversion to solve systems of linear equations, and matrix applications to business. Good algebra skills are very important for this course. To be successful students should be familiar with the material in the Arithmetic Module, the Algebra Module, the Logarithms and Exponential Module, and the Analytic Geometry Module. Less well prepared students should consider taking 22M:013 Mathematics for Business. The prerequisite for this course is 22M:002, or 22M:013, or satisfactory score on the math placement exam, that is, a good understanding of two years of high school algebra. This course typically has a large lecture format with three hours of lecture by a faculty member and two hours of discussion sections lead by a TA. This course may be used to satisfy the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences quantitative or formal reasoning requirement.

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