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22M:031 Engineering Mathematics I: Single Variable Calculus     

This is the first semester of a five-semester mathematics sequence for engineers. Note that 22M:031 covers single variable calculus while the second engineering math course 22M:32 covers multivariable calculus. Topics covered in 22M:031 include limits, continuity, differentiation, rate of change, applications of the derivative including curve sketching, approximation of functions, indefinite and definite integrals, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, integration techniques, improper integrals, and area and volume. To be successful in this course the student should have mastered the material in the Arithmetic Module, the Algebra Module, the Logarithms and Exponentials Module, the Trigonometry Module, and the Analytic Geometry Module. This course is taught in midsize lecture format (100-150 students) with three hours of lecture by a faculty member and two hours of discussion lead by a TA. The prerequisite is 22M:005, 22M:009, or a satisfactory score on the math placement exam, or three and one-half years of high school mathematics including analytic geometry and trigonometry. This course may be used to satisfy the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences quantitative or formal reasoning requirement. Note that non-engineering students wanting the first semester of a more traditional calculus sequence should take 22M:025 Calculus I, students in the biological sciences should take 22M:016 Calculus for the Biological Sciences, and pre-business students should take 22M:017 Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business.

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