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What's this site all about?

Math Matters @ Iowa was created to help you understand the math preparation you'll need for various majors at the University of Iowa.  You can see what math background is required to begin a major and what additional doors will open to you as you master more math. 

Being prepared in math is not just a matter of taking certain courses.  You have to master the material in those courses.  You have to know the concepts and techniques well enough to use them in the next course.  On this web site, you have two ways to see how close you are to mastery.  You can take topic quizzes or you can try sample final exams for University of Iowa courses.

Try the Quizzes and Tutorials

If you want to see what skills you have at your finger tips and which ones you still need to build, do the topic quizzes.  Don't try to do them all at once.  Start at the beginning and work up or just plunge into the middle and choose a topic to check your skills.  There are tutorials to help you review material you might have forgotten.  If you find the quizzes and tutorials challenging, don’t give up. Ask your teachers for help or for review materials and keep taking math through your senior year.

Try the Sample University Final Exams

If you nail the material in the sample University finals, that’s great!  You’re on your way.  Keep taking math until you graduate from high school so your skills stay sharp, and browse the list of University of Iowa majors to see what's open to students with your level of math competence.

Click on a link and get going toward mastering the math you’ll need to succeed at the University of Iowa!


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