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Art History B.A.

Many majors require only two years of high school algebra, a year of high school geometry, and a semester of quantitative or formal reasoning on the college level.

If you are interested in the Art History B.A. you will need a quantitative or formal reasoning course as part of the General Education Program, but you won’t need a specific math or statistics course.

If you decide to add an Entrepreneurship Certificate or an International Business Certificate to your major, or if you want to prepare for law school, professional work in the health sciences, or a graduate business degree, you may need additional math or formal reasoning course work.

So even if you are planning a major that does not require college math or statistics courses, you will have more options in college if you take four years of high school math and work to master the material.  That’s why the University of Iowa strongly recommends that you take four years of high school math.

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