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Chiropractic (pre-)

Pre-Chiropractic at The University of Iowa does not lead to an undergraduate degree; it is not a major.  Students declaring pre-Chiropractic are indicating that they plan to take the prerequisites to enter a chiropractic college after their undergraduate work.  Pre-chiropractic students are free to choose any college major, although many choose a science major.  Look at the math requirements for the major you think you might want.

Students interested in Chiropractic will need sufficient math, including trigonometry.  Here’s what you need to do:

Master the work in first year algebra (22M:1)
Master the work in second year algebra (22M:8)
Master the work in trigonometry (22M:5)

The course number that is listed links to a description of an equivalent course at the UI with a sample final exam.  Check out the exam to see the types of skills you are expected to have.

If you are interested in more information about this major, click here.