Congratulations to the recipients of the 2014 Michael J. Brody Award:  Joyce Berg and Victoria Sharp!

To read about previous recipients of the Michael J. Brody Award, please visit this Provost Office webpage, Faculty/Staff Honors - Office of the Provost - The University of Iowa.


January 9, 2014

To The Faculty:

The University of Iowa Faculty Senate invites nominations for the Michael J. Brody Award for Faculty Excellence in Service to the University and the State of Iowa. This award was established in 1990 and one to three recipients will be chosen in 2014. (Click here for a list of past recipients.) 

Recipients will be recognized formally at an awards banquet hosted by the Provost's Office.  Each will receive $1,000 and a commemorative object that was designed by a graduate art student.  This is one of the finest recognitions for faculty; it was created by faculty, for faculty, and is awarded in memory of Professor Michael J. Brody.

All recipients of the award must hold faculty rank in a tenure‑track or clinical-track position at The University of Iowa and must also meet the following criteria:

  1. Their service must stand out as a set of exceptionally effective contributions to the University or its external constituencies.
  2. Their service must manifest exceptional imagination and dedication for improving the University or for meeting - on its behalf - the needs of external constituents.
  3. Their service must extend over several years.
  4. Their service includes diverse formal and informal activities of high quality in faculty governance, committee work, policy improvement, program creation, aid to external constituencies, and the like. (A single sustained activity of extraordinary excellence may qualify the faculty member for this award.)
  5. Their service has been performed primarily as faculty members. This may include but should not be limited to service as a departmental executive officer. The awards are not for institutional service by administrators, though people currently serving as administrators may qualify on the basis of their service as faculty.

Nominations may be made by faculty members, staff members, students, or off-campus constituents. The following information is required for each nomination:

  1. The completed nomination form.
  2. A description of the nominee's service contributions. (Limit to two pages.)
  3. A current copy of the curriculum vitae for the nominee.
  4. Letters of endorsement. Three faculty members must endorse each nomination, and additional endorsements may be provided by external constituents.

Items 2, 3, and 4 should accompany the completed nomination form. If at all possible, please submit these forms electronically (in particular, the curriculum vitae) to


Emeritus faculty are eligible as are previously-nominated individuals. To re-nominate previously-nominated faculty, simply return an updated nomination form. Items 2, 3, and 4 are not required unless significant changes have occurred since the previous nomination.

Nominations are due in the Faculty Senate Office, 604 Jefferson Building (JB), by Thursday, March 13, 2014. Electronic submissions are encouraged, especially the curriculum vitae. Please submit to laura-zaper@uiowa.edu. Please refer any questions to Laura Zaper at 335-0617.


Erika Lawrence

President, Faculty Senate

Associate Professor of Psychology

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences