The University of Iowa


Tuesday, April 10, 2001

3:30 p.m.

(Northwestern Room #345), Iowa Memorial Union




I.                    Call to Order

II.                 Approvals

A.     Meeting Agenda

B.     Minutes (Attachment 1)

A.     Committee Appointments (Attachment 2)

III.               Announcements

IV.              Old Business

A.     Draft – “Unacceptable Performance of Duty”         

     Chair, Jeff Cox (Attachment 3)


B.     Draft – Collegiate Review/Dean’s Review   Provost Jon Whitmore


V.                 New Business



A.     Annual Report from the Faculty Judicial Commission

      Eric Andersen – Presiding Officer, Judicial Commission


B.     Draft – Review and Promotion Procedures

(Attachment 4)


C.     Information on the Capital Campaign – Steve Sanders, UI Foundation


VI.       Adjournment



Council members and guests:  Please remember to sign the attendance roster.