April 11, 2000

Ohio State Room (#343), Iowa Memorial Union


Members Present:    C. Berman, A. Bhattacharjee, J. Carlson, C. Carney-Doebbeling, K. Clark, C. Colvin, V. Grassian, J. Jew, J. Kline, D. Liddell, C. Lynch, D. Manderscheid, G. Milavetz, G. Parkin, M. Pincus, R. Slayton, M. Stone


Members Absent: R. Curto, L. Geist


Guests: L.A. Clark, J. Whitmore (Office of the Provost); R. Foldesi (Human Resources); D. Ricketts, L. Noble (Parking and Transportation); J. Buck, J. Sherer (UI-Students Against Sweatshops); J. Crawford (Senate Staff Secretary)


I.          President Carlson called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM.


II.          Approvals


            A.  There being no objection, the agenda for today’s Council meeting was approved.


            B.  There being no objection, the Faculty Council Minutes of March 28, 2000 were approved.


            C.  Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting of 4/25/2000.

                  In order to facilitate Senate implementation of the Review Committee/Council recommendations re: the clinical track policy, President Carlson proposed that the three following resolutions be placed on the Senate agenda for discussion and action:

                  (Note: Attachment page numbers refer to attachment document that was distributed to Senate members at 4/25/200 meeting).


1. The Faculty Council moves the adoption of the attached Resolution to Permit Expansion of Clinical Faculty Track in Individual Colleges [Attachment A, p. 1-3].


2. The Faculty Council moves to amend the previously adopted resolution relating to clinical track promotion criteria [Attachment A, p. 4].


3. The Faculty Council moves the adoption of the attached Resolution to Require Clarity in Titling of Salaried and Non-Salaried Clinical Track Faculty [Attachment A, p. 5].


                  Professor Grassian explained the background and rationale for resolution #2. Many of the concerns expressed by faculty about the clinical track policy related to a lack of clarity about the types of activities required of tenure track vs. clinical track faculty as evidence of professional productivity. Therefore, she proposed that the resolution relating to clinical track promotion criteria, adopted at the April 4, 2000 Faculty Senate meeting, be amended by adding the following:


      C.  How the type and/or nature of the activities evidencing professional productivity sufficient for promotion on the clinical track differs from the type and/or nature of the activities required for promotion on the tenure track.                       


                  Discussion about this and other aspects of the proposed recommendations followed. The motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously to approve the agenda for the Faculty Senate Meeting of April 25, 2000.



III.         New Business


            A.  Parking Policies. Dave Ricketts, Director of Parking and Transportation, and Linda Noble presented a report re: Proposed Revisions to Faculty/Staff Parking Assignment Policy. Mr. Ricketts briefly summarized the current policy, the proposed policy, and the reasons for proposing these changes. The goal of the revisions is to improve parking access for tenured, tenure-track, and clinical faculty, and faculty recruits. The proposed policy will create separate waiting lists for faculty/senior administrators and staff. In facilities where both faculty and staff are eligible, and where demand warrants, assignments will be evenly divided (50%) between Faculty and Staff. Waiting lists will be organized by the applicant’s UI employment start date. Mr. Ricketts emphasized that no current permit-holder would be displaced from his or her current assignment by this proposal. Following questions and comments, Council members expressed their appreciation for this proposal and to Mr. Ricketts and his staff for their efforts in developing and advancing the proposal.

      MOTION: The motion was made (Professor Kline) seconded (Berman), and unanimously approved to support the Proposed Revisions to Faculty/Staff Parking Assignment Policy as presented.


            B.  Resolutions


                  (i)   President Carlson stepped down, and Professor Colvin assumed the chair for presentation and discussion of the next item of new business.


            The motion was made (Professor Bhattacharjee) and seconded (Professor Pincus) to approve the following resolution:





                  RESOLVED that the Council


            (I)   Commends the University of Iowa Students Against Sweatshops for playing a leading role in educating the University community about the deplorable conditions of sweatshop labor and for their strong and unequivocal commitment towards a future in which such repugnant practices will be eliminated,


(II)  Applauds the University of Iowa administration for responding to the students’ call for action by the decision to join the Workers’ Rights Consortium as a full working member, and by the commitment to develop a code of conduct befitting an institution that expresses a commitment to human rights in its core values, and


(III)  Urges that the University of Iowa administration maintain a policy of vigilance on sweatshop labor, give high priority to the expeditious and timely development of a code of conduct, require manufacturers of products licensed by the University to adhere strictly to that code, and to keep the Faculty Senate and other members of the community informed on these issues as they develop.


Discussion followed about the University’s/President Coleman’s current position re: its membership in the FLA and the WRC and actions against UI-SAS protesters; and about UI-SAS concerns and actions of the protesters.


Professor Carlson moved to amend the motion, seconded by Professor Kline:

Resolved:  that the Faculty Council commends the students for their concern about the problem of sweatshop labor and thanks President Coleman for her strong and effective stance on the issues raised by the students.


There was further discussion about the need for faculty to be concerned about these issues. Ms. Sherer and Mr. Buck commented on the status of UI-SAS activities. A number of Council members stated that they wanted more information before acting on the above resolutions. A motion to table the original and amended resolutions was made (Professor Stone), seconded (Professor Manderscheid), and approved.


            President Carlson returned to the chair.


            (ii)  The following resolution was moved (Professor Colvin), seconded, and approved unanimously:

                  RESOLVED that the Council deplores the acts of racism and human rights violations that have occurred in recent weeks at the College of Dentistry, and applauds the UI Student Government for their initiative in organizing and sponsoring “Walk the Walk,” an anti-racism rally.


C.  Council approval of Regents Award nominees

                  The Council went into executive session. Professors Kline and Milavetz presented their subcommittee’s recommendations for faculty nominees for the Regents Awards:

                David Baldus, Law

                Nicholas Colangelo, Education

                Daniel Collins, Business

                Huston Diehl, Liberal Arts

                Stuart Weinstein, Medicine

                James Wefel, Dentistry

      The motion was made (Professor Stone), seconded (Professor Pincus) and approved unanimously to endorse the nominees. These will be forwarded to the Provost and then to the Regents, who will make the announcements.


IV.        Professor Kline moved, Professor Stone seconded, and the motion to adjourn at 5:20 PM passed unanimously.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                    Jean Jew, Secretary