Clinical Track Policy: 


Operations Manual, III-10.9.c.(1)


Proposed Change in italics:


(1) Salaried appointments. Clinical faculty may hold salaried positions as employees of The University of Iowa. These faculty participate in faculty governance as defined by the college and Faculty Senate, receive usual faculty benefits, and undergo periodic reviews of their performance. Each college adopting a clinical track policy shall fix the percentage of its total salaried faculty that may hold clinical track appointments without limitation. However, any proposal made at any time to increase the percentage of clinical track appointments (computed in FTEs) within a college (including an initial proposal to create a clinical track) must obtain both the approval of a majority of the tenured/tenure track faculty within the college and the approval of a majority of the clinical track faculty within the college by a referendum supervised by the Associate Provost for Faculty. Any such proposal must also be approved by the Provost.