University of Iowa


Tuesday, December 11, 2001

3:30 p.m.

Northwestern Room, Iowa Memorial Union (#345)           


I.  Call to Order 


II.  Approvals 


A.  Meeting Agenda

B.  Minutes, Faculty Council, November 13, 2001 (Attachment 1


III.  Reports 


A.  Report of the Board in Control of Athletics (N. Colangelo)

B.     Report of the Faculty Representative to the Big-10 Conference and NCAA

(B. Slatton and E. Altmaier) 


IV.  New Business 


A.      CIC Resolution on Intercollegiate Athletics (Attachment 2)

B.       Possible Addenda to the CIC Resolution  (Attachment 3


V.  Announcements


VI.  Adjournment