V. Administrative, Financial, and Facilities Policies

35.5 Prohibitions in Use of Facilities


a. Smoking Policy.  Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and vehicles owned or leased by The University of Iowa, regardless of location. This policy applies to all indoor air space, including individual faculty and administrative offices.  One entrance, preferably the primary entrance, will be designated as a non-smoking entrance.  Outdoor spaces, specifically the immediate areas surrounding fresh air intakes for University buildings, may be designated as no-smoking areas.  Facilities may be posted "smoking permitted" to accommodate bona fide artistic performances, when smoking is an integral part of the work.  Posting will be the responsibility of the director of the primary program housed in that facility.


(Note: The underlined sentence is an addition to the existing policy.)


Implementation suggestions:  Facilities Services Group will coordinate with designated individuals in each building to determine which entrance is so designated and how the posting will be accomplished.