The University of Iowa


Tuesday, April 16, 2001

3:30 pm-5:15 pm

Northwestern Room #345, Iowa Memorial Union



I.              Call to Order


II.           Approvals


A.     Meeting Agenda

A.     Minutes, March 12 Faculty Council Meeting (Attachment 1)

B.     Meeting Agendas, April 30 Faculty Senate Meetings (Attachment 2 and Attachment 3)

C.     2002-03 Committee Appointments (Attachment 4, will be distributed at meeting)


III.         New Business


A.     Proposal for the Academy of Distinguished Teachers (Roberta Marvin) (Attachment 5)

B.     Research Incentive Program (David Skorton and Lisa Troyer) (Attachment 6)

C.     University Smoking Policy amendment (Carolyn Colvin) (Attachment 7)

D.     Regents Awards for Faculty Excellence and Brody Awards

      (in Executive Session)


IV.    Adjournment