To:       Jeffrey Cox, President, Faculty Senate

                J. David Martin, President, Staff Council

                Nick Herbold, President, UISG

From:  Nancy Williams, Chair, Family Issues Charter Committee

Date:   June 19, 2002

Re:      Charter Committee Charge

Attached is a recommendation from the Family Issues Charter Committee to change wording in the Operations Manual 2.8 (17) Committee on Family Issues Charter to reflect the following:

·        Guidelines:  With the formation of the Family Services Office, the Coordinator of that office has responsibility for establishing and administering programs and services responsive to family concerns and needs.  The Family Issues Charter Committee no longer has oversight of the UI Child Care Program, but works closely with the Family Services Office as that office assists faculty, staff and students with their family-related responsibilities.  While the Director of 4Cs and representatives from University-affiliated child care centers are invited to all FICC meetings (all meetings are open), it is more appropriate that the Coordinator of the Family Services Office serves as the non-voting, ex officio member of the Committee.

·        Membership/Charge to the Committee:  Family issues are no longer are limited to just “parenting concerns.”  Family can be defined as a single person, a couple, adult(s) with children, an intergenerational household or single adults living together.  Any University-affiliated individual or their family member may contact the Family Services Office. 

2.8 (17) Committee on Family Issues Charter 

a)                  Membership. Confirmed by the President of the University 

4) Membership consideration. Care should be taken to represent the views of the many University constituencies that have “family issues through the life span” [replaces parenting] concerns including staff (both merit and professional and scientific), students (both graduate and undergraduate), and faculty (both tenured and non-tenured). 

b)                  Charge to the Committee. 

(2)   In addition the Committee shall:
(a) [formerly (b)] Review and make recommendations about the development and implementation of programs, plans and policies that promote a positive climate for families {of faculty, staff, and students} through the life span[replaces parenting and family care policies for faculty, staff, and students].

(b) [formerly (a)] Review and make recommendations about the implementation of University dependent [replaces child] care programs and plans

c)                  Guidelines:

(3) The Director of 4Cs and a representative from a University-affiliated day care program shall be non-voting, ex officio members.  The Coordinator of the Family Services Office shall be a non-voting, ex officio member.