Thanksgiving Recess Proposal: Fact Sheet


Committee to investigate UISG’s proposal:

Larry Lockwood (Calendar Preparation)

Jeff Cox (Faculty)

Kitty Buckwalter (Professional Schools)

Steve Hoch (Accreditation)

Maggie Van Oel (Housing)

Nick Herbold (Students)

Lola Lopes, Chair (Undergraduate and Graduate Programs)



Proposal:  UISG has suggested that there be no classes on the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, thereby creating a full week of break.  This would be a recess for students, but University offices would remain open for business.  The proposal is attached.


Current Calendar:  At present, the UI calendar has 76 class days in the fall term and 74 class days in the spring.  A week-long Thanksgiving recess would leave us with 74 class days in each term.  Each term would have a one-week recess plus a Monday recess, Labor Day in the fall and Martin Luther King Day in the spring.


State Code:  There is no requirement in Iowa State Code concerning class days for Regent Universities.


Other Regent Institutions:  ISU currently provides a week of recess at Thanksgiving.  UNI does not.


Collegiate Variability:  There are already differences among colleges in calendars (e.g., different start and end dates).


Housing:  Dormitories already stay open during Thanksgiving break.  Food service is available.


Progress to Date:  The committee met once to discuss the proposal and to set individual assignments.  Jeff Cox has asked that the Deans consult their faculty about the impact on curriculum.  The matter will be put on a deans’ Meeting agenda for discussion in February.