University of Iowa Intellectual Property Policy


  Section 1:  Nature of the Policy Statement: 


The University’s policy on intellectual property pertains to patentable inventions and copyright protected works created by its faculty members, staff members, post-doctoral appointees and students.  Because there are differences between the legal and academic treatment of copyright-protected works and patentable inventions, the University provides two companion policy statements: a Patent Policy and a Copyright Policy.



Section 2:  Administration of the Policy


The University of Iowa Intellectual Property Policy, comprising its Patent Policy and its Copyright Policy, shall be administered under the oversight of the Vice President for Research and External Affairs.  The Vice President shall appoint an Intellectual Property Committee.  The role of the Intellectual Property Committee shall be to advise the Vice President for Research and External Affairs regarding intellectual property matters including, but not limited to, the resolution of disputes arising from the application of the policy; in addition, the Committee shall advise the Vice President of any need for altering the policy or its administrative implementation.  In appointing members of the Intellectual Property Committee, the Vice President shall seek to include members from all constituencies affected by the policy.  The Vice President will seek advice prior to appointing Committee members from such established groups as the Faculty Senate, the Staff Council, and the Student Senate.