University of Iowa


Tuesday, September 10, 2002

3:30 p.m.

Penn State Room, 335 IMU



I.  Call to Order 

II.  Approvals 

A.  Meeting Agenda

B.  Minutes–Faculty Council, April 16, 2002 (Attachment 1)

C.  Proposed Senate Agenda–September 24, 2002 (Attachment 2)

D.  Approval of Recommended Replacements (Attachment 3) 

III.  Reports 

A. Report of the Faculty Senate President (Jeff Cox)

B. Capital Campaign (Sam Becker)

C. Report of the Presidential Search Committee (Jonathan Carlson)  

IV.  Unfinished Business           

A. Proposal for the Academy of Distinguished Teachers (Roberta Marvin) (Attachment 4)

B. CIC Faculty Action on Athletic Issues (Attachment 5) 

V.  Announcements 

A.  University Convocation

B.  Next Council and Senate meetings 

VI.  Adjournment