University of Iowa


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

3:30 p.m.

Penn State Room, 337 IMU



I.          Call to Order


II.         Approvals


A.    Meeting Agenda

B.     Faculty Council Minutes, January 17, 2006 (Attachment 1)

C.    Committee on Committees, Sheldon Kurtz

·         Human Rights: Laurie McCormick, Psychiatry, will replace Ken Cmiel (2006-08)


III.               Reports


A.   Faculty Senate President, Richard LeBlond

1.   Presidential Search Update, Open Forum, March 2, 5:30-7:00

2.   Shared Governance Task Force Proposal Update

3.   Brody Award Nominations, due in FS office February 27

4.   Committee Volunteer Recruitment, due in FS office February 28

5.   Faculty Senate Election, March 3-13

6.   Request for FS Program Assistant Position to Full-Time

7.   IPTV volunteers, Saturday March 4, 12:30-6:30, Des Moines

8.   CIC Leadership Program 

B.   COIA Meeting, Claibourne Dungy (Attachment 2)


IV.               Unfinished Business


A.       Program Reviews, Katherine Tachau (Attachment 3)

UI Criteria for Institutional Enhancements and Reductions


            B.   Civility Policy, Richard LeBlond (Attachment 4)

            C.   Honorary Degree Policy, Richard LeBlond


V.         New Business


            A.   Representative on the Dispute Resolution Committee’s Review of Violence Policy

            B.  Sick Leave Policy and Committee Service, Richard LeBlond and Susan Johnson (Attachment 5)


VI.        From the floor


VII.      Announcements


A.   Open Forum with Board of Regents, IMU 2nd floor Ballroom, March 2, 5:30-7:00.

B.        Faculty Senate, March 7, Tippie Auditorium, W151 PBB

C.       Legislative Receptions, 4th Saturday of each month


VIII.          Executive Session (4:45-5:15)


IX.               Adjournment