University Committees:

Campus Planning

1. Barbara Mooney, Art & Art History

2. Thomas Schmidt, Physiology (reappoint)


Conflict of Interest in Employment

1. Maria Duarte, Spanish


Council on Teaching

1. (CLAS-I)  Mary Traschel, Rhetoric (reappoint)

2. (CLAS-III) Tong Li, Mathematics

3. (Professional 05-08) Kennith Culp, Nursing

4. (Professional) George Bergus, Family Medicine


Family Issues

1. Catherine Woodman, Psychiatry                  


Financial Aid Advisory

1. Ellen Cram, Nursing

2. Warren Darling, Exercise Science

3. Michel Gobat, History

4. Sue O’Dorisio, Pediatrics (reappoint)


Funded Retirement & Insurance

1. Lois Dusdieker, Pediatrics (reappoint)

2. Shelly Kurtz, Law (reappoint)


Human Rights

1. Gerard Byrne, Prosthodontics


Information Technology Advisory

1. Joyce Berg, Accounting

2. George Constantinescu, Civil & Environmental Engineering

3. Joann Eland, Nursing



1. Frank Durham, Journalism & Mass Communication (reappoint)



1. (Humanities) Astrid Oesmann, German


Parking and Transportation

1. Joseph Chen, Orthopaedic Surgery (reappoint)


Recreational Services

1. Chris Turner, Speech Pathology & Audiology (reappoint)


Research Council

1. (Physical Sciences) Michael Flatte, Physics & Astronomy (reappoint)      

2. (Biological Sciences) Linda Snetselaar, Epidemiology

3. (Social Sciences) Vicki Hesli, Political Science


Safety & Security

1. John Wadsworth, CRSD


Student Health Services

1. Vicki Sharp, Urology (reappoint)


Student Publications, Inc.

1. David Redlawsk, Political Science (reappoint)


Non-Charter University Committees:

Non-Resident Fee Review

1. Kathy Schuh, Psych & Quant Foundations (reappoint)


Presidential Committee on Athletics

1. Penelope Hall, Speech Path & Audio (reappoint)

2. William Hines, Law

3. Steve McGuire, Curriculum & Instruction (reappoint)

4. John Solow, Economics (reappoint)


Joint Committee:

Faculty/Staff Budget Committee



Faculty Senate Committees:

Committee on Committees


2. Nick Colangelo, CRSD

3. Claibourne Dungy, Pediatrics



1. Jeff Cox, History

2. Richard LeBlond, Internal Medicine

3. Steve McGuire, Curriculum & Instruction


Faculty Policies and Compensation

1. Victor Camillo, Mathematics (reappoint)

2. Lynn Richman, Pediatrics

3. Vicki Sharp, Urology (reappoint)



Governmental Relations



Judicial Commission

1. Gerard Byrne, Prosthodontics

2. David Drake, Endodontics (reappoint)                     

3. Barbara Eckstein, English

4. Loreen Herwaldt, Internal Medicine (reappoint)

5. Beng Ho, Psychiatry

6. Palle Jorgensen, Mathematics

7. Surjit Khurana, Mathematics (reappoint)

8. Wilfrid Nixon, Civil Engineering

9. Margaret Raymond, Law

10. Shelton Stromquist, History

11. Katherine Tachau, History

12. Scott Wilson, Internal Medicine


Selection of Central Academic Officials

1. David Drake, Endodontics

2. Margaret Raymond, Law