The University of Iowa

Student Health Advisory Committee

Mandatory Student Health Insurance Resolution


Preliminary Discussion


Respectfully submitted to the Faculty Council

6 March 2007 by Anthony J. Cannon


Whereas the cost of health care is increasing, and


Whereas some health insurance plans are dropping college age dependents from their coverage, and


Whereas the health of the University of Iowa community is an important priority for the productivity of Faculty, Staff, and Students, and


Whereas unexpected medical bills would prevent many students from continuing their education, and


Whereas 95% of survey respondents say that they would still be able to attend The University of Iowa if health insurance were mandatory, and


Whereas the cost of mandatory student health insurance would factor into financial aid federal and otherwise, and


Whereas The University of Iowa would not incur any implementation costs because of procedures in place to monitor insurance of health sciences and international students, and


Whereas all members of the University community share a stake in fostering a healthy standard of living for every member of that community, and


Therefore, be it resolved The Faculty Council and Senate of The University of Iowa, issues their official support for mandatory student health insurance to promote a healthy standard of living for the University community and recommend that The Board of Regents, State of Iowa enact this proposal based on its benefits of making health care accessible and affordable for all students.