Proposal for a non-tenure research track (RT)


Policy Model

Same as for the clinical track:

          Establish University guidelines

          Each colleges would decide whether to develop a collegiate research-track policy

          The total number of RT faculty could be limited, e.g. to less then 10% of the faculty within any College.


Definition and characteristics

·         RT faculty would have positions through which they contribute to the research mission of the University, and hold faculty rank at the level of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor.

o        RT faculty would devote most of their time to independent, externally supported research (as principal investigator). 

o        Mentoring graduate students and serving on graduate thesis committees is desirable, but will require recognition of RT faculty by the Graduate College, perhaps on a case by case basis. 

·         Not eligible for tenure.

·         Faculty governance

o        Would not vote on tenure decisions

o        Could serve on relevant  departmental, collegiate and university committees

o        Other participation to be defined by individual colleges and the Faculty Senate. 

·          Would be subject to the provisions of the Faculty Dispute Procedures (modify III.29.9)


Appointments and Promotions

o        Research expectations for faculty appointment and promotion in the research track would be similar to the expectations of TT faculty.  Colleges would establish written standards of competence and performance to reflect these expectations.

o        Appointments

§         Initial:  one to three years. 

§         Subsequent: Between one and five years.

o        Non-renewal:

§         Failure to meet written standards of competence and performance

§         Changed economic circumstances, including failure of the faculty member to obtain research funding, or program needs such that the position itself is terminated. 

o        Eligibility for a tenure track appointment.

§         RT faculty will have the opportunity to transition into the tenure track at any time, but such a transition could only occur once.

§         TT faculty could be appointed to the RT, but without the chance to re-enter