University of Iowa


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

3:30-5:15 p.m.

Penn State Room, 337 IMU



I.       Call to Order


II.      Approvals


A.     Meeting Agenda

B.     Faculty Council Minutes, June 20, 2006 (Attachment 1)

C.     Faculty Senate Agenda, September 5, 2006 (Attachment 2)

D.     Committee Replacement, Victoria Sharp

        Parking Appeals: Bryce Plapp, Biochemistry, will replace Naeem Haider, Anesthesia, 2006-08


III.         Reports


A.     Faculty Senate President, Sheldon Kurtz

        Honorary Degree Selection Committee (Attachment 6)

        Programmatic Comparative Review

B.     Diversity Action Committee, Marcella David (Attachment 3, refer to Faculty and Staff Recommendation #8,  page 15 in online version)


VI.    New Business


A.     Sexual Harassment Survey and Report, Lee Anna Clark and Nancy Hauserman (Attachment 4; refer to Executive Summary, page vii and Recommendations, page 93)

B.     Photo Identification Policy, Judie Hermsen and Jay Christensen-Szalanski

      (Attachment 5)

C.     Directory Restrictions Proposal, Judie Hermsen and Jay Christensen-Szalanski

      (Attachment 5A)


VII.   From the floor


VIII. Announcements


A.     Faculty Senate meeting, Tuesday, September 5, 3:30 5:15 pm, Senate Chamber, Old Capitol

B.     Faculty Council meeting: Tuesday, September 19, 3:30 5:15 pm, Penn State Room, 337 IMU


IX. Adjournment


Council Members & Guests: Please sign the attendance list before leaving the meeting.