University of Iowa


Tuesday, October 12, 1999

3:30 p.m.

Penn State Room (#337), Iowa Memorial Union





I.                    Call to Order


II.                 Approvals


A.     Meeting Agenda

A.     Minutes – Faculty Council, September 7, 1999 (Attachment 1)

B.     Ad hoc committee on termination-for-cause standards


III.               Old Business


A.     Discussion of “termination for cause” standards (Attachment 2)

B.     Discussion of recognition for outstanding teachers


IV.              New Business


A.     Proposed schedule for reviews of central academic officers (Attachment 3)

B.     University Ombudsperson report (Attachment 4)

C.     Special Senate meeting to discuss IWP-agenda


V.                 Adjournment



Council Members & Guests: Please sign the attendance list before leaving the meeting.