Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Room 335, Iowa Memorial Union 

Members Present:   S. Aquilino, A. Bhattacharjee, J. Carlson, K. Clark, C. Colvin, J. Cox, R. Curto, L. Geist, J. Jew, J.Kline, G. Milavetz, M. Pincus, B. Wiley 

Members Absent (Excused): G. Parkin 

Members Absent: V. Grassian. M. Stone 

Guests: L. A. Clark, J. Folkins, W.H. Knight, Jr., J. Whitmore (Office of the Provost):; D. Skorton (Office of the Vice President for Research); L. Maxson (Liberal Arts); E. Gersema (Cedar Rapids Gazette); J. McCurtis (Iowa City Press Citizen); A. McGlynn (Des Moines Register); S. Schmadeke (Daily Iowan); C. Tebockhorst (Senate Staff Secretary) 

I.          The meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM.  Introductions were made by faculty council members and guests. 

II.         The agenda was approved by unanimous consent. 

III.       The minutes of the Faculty Council meeting of April 6, 1999 were approved. 

IV.       Unfinished Business

            A.        Standards for promotion and tenure.  Last year the Council developed a draft policy to address an inconsistency in the University Operations Manual regarding departmental standards for promotion and tenure decisions and those specified in the Faculty Dispute Procedures.  A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to forward the following recommendation to the Senate for its action:

Council Recommendation Regarding Standards To Be Applied When Standards Have Changed Since Faculty Member's Initial Appointment or Promotion to Current Rank

Resolved that: Operations Manual Sections III-10.1a(4)(b); III-10.1 a(4) (c); III-10.2; III-29.5f(2)(b) should be amended to conform to the following policy:

"A candidate for promotion shall be evaluated under relevant, clearly defined standards of the faculty member's department that were in effect at the time of the faculty member's initial appointment or promotion to the rank currently held or those standards currently in effect, whichever the faculty member elects. However, the initial standards may not be applied if they are older than the time specified as normal time at rank (adjusted to account for any extension, family leave or illness leave granted to the faculty member) and new standards have taken effect since the initial appointment or promotion. For assistant professors, the normal time in rank is six years and for associate professors, seven years (see Operations Manual, III-10.5). In the event that the initial standards are inapplicable, the standards to be applied will be those which are currently in effect for the department, or those which were in effect for the department at a time three years prior to the promotion, whichever the faculty member elects.  The faculty member shall make an election under this section by the end of the academic year prior to the academic year in which the faculty member is considered for promotion."

            It was also noted that the new University guidelines for promotion and tenure have been added to the Operations Manual and are available on the Provost's website.

B.         Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) Charter. Questions had been raised at a previous Council meeting about how to insure that faculty had adequate access to computers and related technology. It was noted that this matter is included as part of the charge to the ITAC in its charter. Information about ITAC and its purpose will be conveyed in the Faculty Senate newsletter to faculty and other members of the University community. 

V.        Summer in Review 

            A.        CREF convertibility. Just prior to the Board of Regents meeting in May, Faculty Senate officers  learned that the pilot program allowing retiring employees at Regents institutions to convert 100 per cent of funds in their CREF accounts, might be rescinded. Faculty and staff representatives were informed, and many faculty and staff members contacted Board of Regents members to give their input. As a result, the Board of Regents unanimously approved the 100% CREF convertibility plan. Professor Carlson expressed appreciation to faculty and staff for their efforts, to the Board of Regents staff for their cooperation, and to the Board of Regents members for implementing this policy.

            B.         International Writing Program (IWP). During the summer, a number of events occurred regarding the organization and activities of the International Writing Program. Faculty members with questions and concerns requested that these matters be taken to Faculty Senate/Council for discussion. Dean Maxson and Vice President Skorton were invited to meet with the Council. They presented background information on events leading to the reorganization of the IWP this year, and the current status of the program. The Program is currently being administered by the Office of the Vice President for Research. They responded to questions about past and current faculty and staff associated with IWP; the budget; the writers who would be participating this year and their activities; the committees that would be reviewing and advising Provost Whitmore and President Coleman about IWP (Ad hoc task force appointed by Dean Maxson, advisory committee appointed by Vice President Skorton, President's Council on Strategic Implementation); and the purpose and significance of the past and current reviews of the program.  Vice President Skorton noted the difficulties in assigning priorities  to a program such as IWP, which may be considered less central to the basic activities of a university but which has special symbolic and world meaning. Vice President Skorton and Provost Whitmore indicated that there were some questions they were unable to answer at this time. Professor Carlson asked about the opportunity for the general University community and public to see and respond to the Ad Hoc Task Force Committee Report prior to its final submission to the Provost and President. Provost Whitmore stated that there would be an opportunity for such input. Professor Bhattachargee said that he was pleased to learn in these presentations that the IWP will survive, that its organization is a matter of logistics. As the discussion about IWP ended, Professor Carlson requested that Faculty Council be kept informed about the progress of the reviews and other stages of the decision making process regarding IWP.

VI.       New Business

            A.        With the establishment of the College of Public Health effective July 1, 1999, there is a need for their faculty to have representation on the Senate and Council from this college. There are faculty senators who are currently serving terms as representatives of the College of Medicine, Department of Preventive Medicine (which is now the College of Public Health). The motion was made, seconded, and approved that one of these senators be invited to serve on Council until the regular cycle of elections next spring.

            B.         The Council was asked to consider whether efforts should be made again this year to explore ways to recognize and reward outstanding teachers. There was discussion about the reasons that the proposal for a Teaching Academy did not receive faculty support two years ago.

            C.        The University Administration has been investigating the possibility of developing a statement of substantive standards for "termination of tenured faculty". Council received an incomplete draft of a possible policy generated by University Administration and has been asked to consider whether and how we wish to have input in drafting such standards.  This item of business was tabled and will be taken up at the next meeting, so that members have an opportunity to discuss the document and policy with other faculty in their units.

VII.      Announcements

            A.        There is a new office housing the Faculty/Staff Governance Center. It is located in room 380 IMU.       

            B.         University Convocation will take place October 5, 1999 at 7:30 PM in  McBride Hall. Faculty are encouraged to attend and cheer on their colleagues.

            C.        The UI Fall United Way Campaign begins in September and runs through November.  Faculty interested in sponsoring a United Way presentation in their units should contact Jon Carlson or Jane Hoshi, Assistant Director for Special Projects and Outreach in University Communications and Outreach.

            D.        The next Council meeting will be September 7, 1999.

                        The first Faculty Senate meeting of the new academic year will be September 21.

VIII.     The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

                                                            Jean Jew, Secretary