Adoptive Leave Benefit


Surveying Universities and Colleges

December 2001


Big Ten Universities                             Leave Time                                         Subsidy

UI/ISU/UNI                                             5 sick days                                           none


University of Illinois                                 2 weeks parental leave

from accrued sick                                  none


University of Indiana-

Bloomington                                          PTO - 30 days                                       none


University of Minnesota                           2 weeks paid adoptive leave                    none


University of Wisconsin                            up to 6 weeks accrued sick

if care is required/no need for

child to be sick(norm is 1 to 2 weeks)      none


Ohio State University                              2 weeks accrued sick leave                    $4000


Northwestern                                         FMLA                                                   none


Michigan State University                       FMLA                                                   none


Purdue                                                  FMLA                                                   none


University of Michigan                             FMLA                                                   none


Penn State University                                                                             recommending $2500



Other Universities/Colleges                 Leave Time                                         Subsidy

Colorado University                                accrued sick                                          none


University of Arizona                               accrued sick                                          none


University of Maryland                            30 sick days                                          none


University of North Carolina                     accrued sick/vacation                             none


University of South Carolina                    6 weeks accrued sick                             none


Harvard                                                 paid adoption leave                                 up to $5000


New York University                               FMLA                                                   $5000

(special needs $6000)


John Hopkins                                         FMLA                                                   $2500


Dartmouth                                             FMLA                                                   $5000



Iowa City Businesses                           Leave Time                             Subsidy

Mercy Hospital, Iowa City                                 PTO                                                        $1000


Mercy, Cedar Rapids                                           PTO


St. Luke’s                                                              PTO


ACT                                                                       FMLA                                                    none


Iowa City School System                                    5 days of accrued sick                         none


Kirkwood Community College                           FMLA                                                    none


Mayo Clinc                                                           FMLA                                                    up to $5000