Craig C. Porter


Statement:  A deep commitment to and talent in shared faculty governance are the two reasons that compel me to seek the office of Vice President of the University of Iowa Faculty Senate.  I have demonstrated both over the last three years as an active participant in this body and its council, and my commitment has deepened during this past academic year as a direct consequence of my service as a Faculty Senate Officer and as Secretary of the Faculty Senate.  Exciting new changes in administrative personnel, anticipated changes in administrative structure and ongoing financial challenges to the University of Iowa make the selection of the next Vice President of the University of Iowa Faculty Senate critical to the ongoing success of the longstanding tradition of shared governance at the University of Iowa.


An effective University of Iowa Faculty Senate Vice President should:


Have the appropriate skill set to be an effective faculty leader;

My track record of service to the university speaks to my spirit of cooperativity and collaboration.  It demonstrates the trust that my colleagues continue to place in me to serve their needs against the background of my own understanding and knowledge.  It illuminates my ability to identify need, to explore and embrace new ideas and to facilitate problem-solving efforts.

         Election to the Faculty Senate (twice) and Council

         Faculty selection as member, College of Medicine Executive Committee.  Election 3 consecutive terms, selection as Chair three times and once as Secretary during 7 years of service

         Selection by the Dean as Collegiate representative to the AMA Section on Medical Schools and subsequent appointment to its Resolutions Subcommittee


Have Adequate preparation/understanding to assume the role;

         Faculty Senate Secretary, 2002-03

         University, collegiate and departmental strategic planning committees (1998-99)

         Chair, Committee to revise University Guidelines for Clinical Track Promotion/Decision-Making

         Active Faculty Judicial Commission panelist and Chair, 1998-2004

         Peer-selected Chair, College of Medicine Promotions Committee on 3 occasions

         College of Medicine Working Group on Promotion and Tenure Policy

         Chair, Committee to revise College of Medicine Manual of Procedure


Have a working understanding of the policies and procedures that govern faculty life;

         See above.


My final comment is a reflection on my role as a clinical track faculty member.  I am of the strong belief that the careful maintenance of a proper balance of the numbers and activities of the current types of clinical and tenure track faculty provides a synergy of purpose and accomplishment that can and does help to further drive this institution forward in each of its missions.  I also believe that our local community appeals to each of us at least partly because of the infiltration throughout its culture of practices that are a direct outgrowth of our university commitment to the principles of academic freedom.  My desire to remain in Iowa City as a clinical track faculty member of this university reflects the strength of this belief.  Indeed, my own ability to serve as an effective faculty leader derives primarily from the culture of the tenure system: I could not have served the university as I have done so far without being enveloped in the mantle of protection afforded by the principles of tenure and its relationship to free inquiry and expression.  My past service record reflects this fundamental reality.  My future service record will continue to acknowledge my personal debt to the University of Iowa and its commitment to free discourse.

Educational History:

A.B., Kenyon College, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa;

M.D., The Ohio State University;

Internship and Residency in Pediatrics, Case Western Reserve University;

Fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology, George Washington University;

Postdoctoral Laboratory Training, The Johns Hopkins University;

Faculty Appointments, The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Iowa

                Current--Professor of Pediatrics (Clinical)

Current Academic Activities:

Clinical Service;

Graduate, Post-graduate and CME teaching (coursework, classroom, bedside)

Clinical Research

Service (departmental, collegiate, university, regional, national)