Richard Randell


I have been a faculty member of the Department of Mathematics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for about twenty years, serving as Departmental Executive Officer in 1991-94.  In addition, I served on the College Executive Committee in 1992-95 and am currently a member of the Liberal Arts Faculty Assembly.  As is usual in mathematics I teach a wide variety of courses.  This academic year my teaching ranged from large lecture courses in Engineering Math I to topics courses and seminars for Ph.D. students.  My research is in topology, especially knot theory and arrangements of hyperplanes.  I served five years on the Board of the Iowa Mathematics and Science coalition and am currently chair of the American Mathematical Society Committee on Meetings and Conferences.


This has been my first year as a member of the Faculty Senate; I also filled in first semester on Faculty Council.  I would be pleased to serve as Secretary of the Senate and I welcome the opportunity to represent the viewpoint of the faculty.  It is important that our voices be heard clearly both within the university and among the citizens of Iowa.