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 [All main 2001-2002 motions passed by the Faculty Senate are included in this summary except for those motions that were procedural in nature and that were superseded by subsequent motions or were motions to approve committee appointments and/or Faculty Council and Faculty Senate replacements.  Council motions that were passed by the Faculty Senate in a similar form were also excluded.] 

Faculty Senate Meeting – September 25, 2001 

MOTION 1:  Include stun device, Air Taser brand, with the equipment assigned to all sworn Public Safety Officers.    

Amendment:  The DPS will make available to the Faculty Senate for its review the guidelines given to the officers describing under what circumstances the taser would be used. 

MOTION 1: The motion carried, with 25 in favor and 18 opposed. 

ACTION:  The tasers were acquired.

MOTION 2:  If the president is to choose to implement this proposal, the President will review it in one year to assess its effectiveness. The motion carried.

ACTION:  Am determining whether such a review took place.

MOTION 3:  Change the designation of all sworn personnel from Public Safety Officers to Police Officers in the Department of Public Safety.  Change the division designation from patrol division to police division.  The motion carried.

ACTION: The designation was changed.

Faculty Senate Meeting – October 16, 2001

 MOTION 1:  Approval of response to the budget crisis:


The establishment of publicly funded state universities that combine the highest quality teaching and research with accessibility to students regardless of financial means represents one of the highest achievements of American democracy; 

Iowans have contributed to that achievement by building up over many decades a public system of higher education based on what President Mary Sue Coleman refers to as a contract between the people of Iowa and our state universities; 

That contract, which depends in equal parts on (1) the provision of high quality teaching and research, (2) accessibility to students, and (3) adequate state funding, is being eroded in a process of "fiscal privatization". 

We therefore as faculty members of the University of Iowa: 

Support President Coleman's defense of the public character of Iowa's state universities, and her opposition to "fiscal privatization"; 

Call upon all Iowans, including community and political leaders throughout the state, to renew their commitment to high quality, democratically accountable public higher education; 

Ask our state legislators from Johnson County to speak out publicly in defense of higher education; 

Encourage faculty to speak out in defense of public higher education directly to our state legislators, the governor, and the people of Iowa through whatever means possible.

AMENDMENT: “Service” be added to “teaching and research” in paragraphs 2 and 3.

MOTION 1: The amended motion passed.

ACTION: None required.

Faculty Senate Meeting – December 4, 2001 

MOTION:  To accept the Report of Interdisciplinary Committee on Faculty Issues with amendments to Appendix A [Policy Recommendation Regarding Faculty Appointments to Non-Departmental Units].  The motion carried.


 ACTION: The Policy on Faculty Appointments to Non-departmental Units is being treated as Provost's Office policy.  The final report as presented to the Provost is available on the Provost's Office website:  The policy on the website is the original, not the policy as revised by the Faculty Senate; however,  groups that contact the Provost’s Office about making such appointments receive a hard copy of the FS-revised version. The policy on the website will be updated to reflect the Faculty Senate’s revisions.

Two non-departmental units have invoked the policy, are now authorized to make faculty appointments, and have made several such appointments. 

Faculty Senate Meeting – January 29, 2002 

MOTION: To adopt the CIC resolution, as amended by the Faculty Council.


MOTION:  To substitute the amended resolution with the original wording reinstated (above the line).   The motion failed, with 19 in favor and 25 against.


MOTION: To adopt the CIC resolution, as amended by the Faculty Council.  The motion carried.


ACTION: None required.


MOTION:  To adopt Prof. Cox’s resolution.  The motion was tabled. 

Faculty Senate Meeting – February 12, 2002


MOTION: To establish a University flag.  The motion carried.


ACTION:  None.  Will follow up. 

Faculty Senate Meeting – March 5, 2002 

MOTION:  To accept the Sexual Harassment Policy.  The motion carried. 

ACTION:  The policy has been incorporated into the Operations Manual. 

MOTION:  To approve the policy on consensual relations. The motion carried. 

ACTION:  The policy has been incorporated into the Operations Manual. 

Faculty Senate Meeting – April 2, 2002 

MOTION:  To approve the Adoptive Leave policy.  The motion carried 

ACTION: None.  The Provost sought the Deans' input and, whereas they generally favored the revision in principle, they recommended making no revisions at this time, given the current budget situation.  The VP group decided to follow the Deans' recommendation and to revisit the policy in the future, most likely on an annual basis until a more propitious time. 

MOTION:  To accept Guidelines for Reporting by the Board in Control of Athletics.  The motion carried.  

ACTION: BiCOA will report to the Senate consistent with the guidelines. 

MOTION:  To accept the Cox resolution.  The motion carried

ACTION: None required.

MOTION:  The Faculty Senate asks the Faculty Council to organize a “Faculty Bake Sale” and/or other Faculty Fund Raising Activities for the purpose of raising funds to replace the reduction in State Funding for the University General Fund.  The motion carried by a vote of 15-10.

ACTION: The Bake Sale was held and raised $820.86, which was given in student scholarships.  

Faculty Senate Meeting – April 30, 2002 

MOTION:  To endorse the smoking policy amendment, designating a “smoke-free” entrance to each University building.   The motion carried. 

ACTION: This change was not incorporated into the Operations Manual.  Will follow up.