The University of Iowa


Tuesday, April 29, 2003

3:30 pm-4:45 pm

Lucas Dodge Room, 256 IMU





I.        Call to Order


II.     Approvals


A.     Faculty Senate Minutes, March 4 (Attachment 1)

B.     Faculty Senate Replacement (Attachment 2)


III. Reports


A.     Board in Control of Athletics Annual Report, Nicholas Colangelo

B.     Task Force on Undergraduate Arrest Rates, Judy Polumbaum

C.     Elections Committee, Julie Thatcher

2002-2003 Faculty Senate (Attachment 3)

2003-2004 Faculty Council (Attachment 4) 


IV.  New Business


A.     Committee on Committees, Margaret Raymond

2003-04 Committee Appointments (Attachment 5)

B.   2001-2002 Motion Summary, Margaret Raymond (Attachment 6)


V.  Announcements


A.     Regents Awards for Faculty Excellence, Jeff Cox

B.     Michael J. Brody Awards, Jeff Cox

C.     Concluding Remarks of the 2002-03 Faculty Senate President


VI. From the floor


VII. Adjournment

University of Iowa


2002-03 Senate Organizational Meeting

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

4:45 p.m.

Lucas Dodge Room, 256 IMU


I.              Call to Order


II.           Election of Officers, Julie Thatcher


Candidates for Vice-President:

Craig Porter (Attachment 1)

Katherine Tachau (Attachment 2)

Candidates for Secretary:

Edwin Dove (Attachment 3)

Richard Randell (Attachment 4)


III.         Senate President Opening Remarks, Margaret Raymond


IV.        Announcements


A.  Election Results

B.  2003-04 Meeting Schedule (Attachment 5)


V.           Adjournment


University Charter, Non-Charter, and Faculty Senate Committee

Annual Reports 2002-2003


University Committees:


  Campus Planning

  Conflict of Interest in Employment

  Council on Teaching

  Family Issues

  Financial Aid Advisory

  Funded Retirement & Insurance

  Hancher Auditorium Advisory

  Human Rights

  Information Technology Advisory


  University Libraries

  Parking and Transportation

  Recreational Services

  Research Council

  Student Health Services

  Student Publications, Inc.

  University Safety & Security


Non-Charter University Committees:

  Board in Control of Athletics (on Senate Agenda)

  Faculty-Staff Parking Appeals

  Non-Resident Fee Review


Faculty Senate Committees:


  Budget Planning

  Committee on Committees


  Faculty Welfare

  Governmental Relations

  Judicial Commission

  Rules and Bylaws

  Selection of Central Academic Officials