FY03 Annual Report of the Family Issues Charter Committee

Submitted by Chair, Jan Warren 

The charge of the Family Issues Charter Committee (FICC) is to review and make recommendations about the implementation of University child care programs and plans, and to review and make recommendations about the development and implementation of parenting and family care policies for faculty, staff, and students.  The FICC met seven times during the academic year 2002-2003. 

The program of work for the Family Issues Charter Committee:

· The Adoption Leave proposal recommending the extension of adoptive leave from 5 sick days to 10 sick days per occurrence (total of 15 days if both parents are UI employees) was endorsed by the Human Resources Advisory Committee and presented to both the Dean’s and Vice President’s groups.  While both viewed the proposal as meritorious, given the current financial climate, they would consider the proposal again next year with the FY05 budget cycle.

· Continued to pursue improvements to parental leave, both adoptive and biological.

· A recommendation to change the wording in the Operations Manual 2.8 (17) Committee on Family Issues Charter to reflect that family issues are no longer limited to just “parenting concerns” and that the Coordinator of the Family Services Office serve as the non-voting, ex officio member of the Committee.  The UI Staff Council and UISG passed these recommendations.  While Faculty Council and Faculty Senate also passed the recommendations, a delay occurred as the minutes from the Senate meeting were confirmed.  The recommendations will be forwarded to President Skorton.

· Reviewed annual report, timeline of activities, and programmatic budget for Family Services Office (the Family Issues Charter Committee works closely with Jane Holland, Director of the Family Services Office, to develop and implement programs).

· In conjunction with Jane Holland, reviewed childcare facilities, availability, and current demand. 

· Reviewed and gave input to a proposal by the Family Services Office to formalize relationships with current childcare facilities. 

· Jennifer Glass, Professor of Sociology, presented on research she has conducted involving employees who utilize family friendly policies.    

· Developed a Family Issues Survey that will be co-sponsored by the Family Services Office and the Family Issues Charter Committee.

· Began forming a strategy for outreach and education on the availability and benefits of our current family friendly policies.  


Committee Membership, 2002-2003

Faculty – David Kearns, Joni Kinsey, James Pusack

Staff – Susan Eberly, Nancy Williams, Brenda Akins, Jan Warren

Students – Alissa Chisholm, Kristen Wade, Jillian Peter

Ex Officio - University Affiliated Daycare Representative, Director of 4Cs

Administrative Officers – Lee Anna Clark, Laura Reed